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Best Metallic Eyeshadow in 2020: Top 10 Picks

best metallic eyeshadow

Matte is going out of fashion and this falls metallic will run the runway. It is everywhere now. From eyes to lips you will see new shades and style in a metal version. It is so in fashion and so fashionable. The newest hottest holiday trend. The biggest hit item that will stay throughout the fall and festivals coming.

These colors are perfect for both parties and work. They are fun but not immature. They shine and glitter but has sophistication. They stand out but blends with you. They are absolutely not tacky but chic.

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Why Go for Metallic Eye Shadow?

Metallic is the new fashion trend. This answer will satisfy many. As it is new and trendy go for it. But you may want some more.

Metallic makes the difference here. There are not like glitters that once came. They do not fall off everywhere as glitters do or make you look showy and immature. Or fades away easily like satin, feels sticky like a gloss. They are more perfect. They are better as they replaced matte. They have that perfect finish, wearability, durability, and style.

Search the web. They really look good.

Scared of Looking Gaudy?

If you think that the new trend is way too intimidating and you can’t pull off, take a look around. Different people from different lifestyles are going on with the new trend and they are looking good. So can you. You are no less. Just pick up the right one. It will take some time and practice but you will get there before the trend dries out. And of course, we are here to help!

According to makeup artist Carmindy “Wearing metallic makeup is a trend that lasts because it’s like putting on a great accessory”. She suggests “If you’re looking for a subtle effect that’s easy to wear, go for a cream-based eyeshadow and blend it in so it’s sheered out—or lightly sweep on a powder shadow, which will also allow your skin to show through for a less dramatic finish. To make a more intense statement, layer on the cream shadow or reach for a highly pigmented powder. When picking metallics, look for refined shimmers rather than glitter to avoid looking like a disco ball,”

How to Wear Metallic Eye Shadows?

To wear metallic you have to know how to do metallic. It is easy. Mostly like other technique. Just with a few new rules. Go all the way down and you will find out yourself.

Primer: Apply a primer near to your skin tone on the lid underneath the shadow. According to Kristin Hilton, this will helps as a base that will make the makeup last longer and will also bring out the real colors to its most vibrant form. It will also prevent any kind of crease and will help to hold the look at place throughout your busy day.

Sticking With 2: The rainbow effect or mixing various colors are backdated and certainly do not have the appeal anymore. It is better to make things to look simple and natural these days. Wearing more than one color which is already bright in texture will make your eye makeup look overdone and improper. So do not overdo and stay with no more than two trustworthy shades.

When you choose your shades, keep in mind to choose the ones which have a smooth metallic sheen and are not glitters. Glitters and glittery are not metallic and they do not do fashion.

Staying In The Place: This is eye makeup which supposed to stay on eyelids. No ups or downs just the eyelids. We know it is sometimes cool to prolonging the colors to the crease of the eye helps them to pop up and look cool and dramatic but with metallic that has shimmery texture wrinkles or another crease may get highlighted resulting in a fault. So, if there is a point you do not want to bring out to the world, do not touch it and keep the metallic only to the lids.

Matte Can Balance: Metallic with the shimmering texture is already the boldest out there. They pop out and shout “Here I Am!!!!” so the idea is to maintain balance so that they make you a diva, not a disaster. For doing that, blend it out with neutral shades of matte. This will soften the makeup and also let the eye stand out the way it is supposed to. You will get a look which is modern and new and fresh.

Using The Right Brush: Brushes are important factors in makeup. For metallic makeup use dense bristled concealer brushes. They will allow you to carry the proper amount of the shine without dropping much on your cheeks. “The denser the brush the stronger color payoff you will get,” says Hilton.

Speak with your eyes!

How to Look Good in Metallic Shades?

It may need a bit of work but once you get the heck of it you will definitely fall in love with metallic. Check out nearby, red carpets, shows, Instagram, people are going all out with the new look. Allison Williams puts a fresh spin on a classic smoky eye by replacing a grey base shadow with a metallic silver one to create a stunning, shimmery effect.

Or according to Carmindy, “Try a speck of gold on the inside corners of your eyes to make them look bright and sparkling”. When you get comfortable with the shimmery eyes then go all out. From lash lines to the crease, fill up the with strong shiny bold colors.

For the finishing touch fill your lashes with bold strokes of mascara and apply a nice eyeliner. Your eyes will do all the talking as for the rest of your look, keep it as simple as possible. Go for nude cheeks and lips or maybe rosy pink ones, just do not over do it. Try to stick to neutral as much as you can. Matte makeup can be really good for it.

How to Choose the Right Metallic Eyeshadow?

Appraise your skin tone. Colors that go well with your skin will fit in the best making you looking natural and sophisticated rather than a new disco going little girl. Recommendations are, for fair skin colors like silver and platinum will look best. In case of olive skin bronze and gold are well suited. Darker skin beauties can pull any of the above. Still not sure then go for rose gold. Anyone can pull it off gracefully.

The Best Metallic Eyeshadows Out There in the Market

Got every nick and corner of the new style? Now it is time for the makeup itself. No matter how good of a makeup artist you are and how good your face is, it is very important to have the right things. If the eyeshadows do not have the shimmer but all the glitter and no texture in it, it is no use no matter what you do. So, to save your some time and to take you on a trip of this new trend we have collected 10 best metallic eyeshadows.

1. Palladio Crushed Metallic Eyeshadow in Stellar

Their formula brings you high effectiveness and a perfectly professional finish. The color is amazing; it has a fantastic eye-catching depth in it making you stand out in the crowd. The finish of Palladio Crushed Metallic Eyeshadow in Stellar leaves no crease on its way. The pressed pigments provide the outrageous foil finish. It also has a creamy feeling so easy to apply and comfortable to wear.

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2. Beauty Glazed 15 Colors Glitter Make-up Powder Metallic Shimmer Eye Shadow Palette

The palette offers glitter that is of diamonds, very shiny and sophisticated. The colors are sparkly and gorgeous. Beauty Glazed 15 Colors Glitter Make-up Powder Metallic Shimmer Eye Shadow Palette is suitable for all skin types and you can use it on your lips and cheeks as well. The powder is not loose and does not come off or no glitters cover your whole face making you look like a kid playing with mom’s glitter. The application is so easy that you can even apply it with your fingers.

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3. Mallofusa 5 Colors Powder Metallic Shimmer Eyeshadow Palette in Golden Frenzy

Get that new metallic look and shimmering colors with this fantastic eyeshadow. Mallofusa 5 Colors Powder Metallic Shimmer Eyeshadow Palette in Golden Frenzy has a bright exquisite color and a light finished texture. It does not look gaudy but very natural. So, fine and smooth that you will face no trouble applying it. The best thing is it helps to absorb the excess sebum that is produced keeping the effectiveness of the shade and preventing fading. Its oil-free formulas save for your skin.

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4. Maybelline The 24K Nudes Eyeshadow Palette

These can be the best shades for those who love to wear metallic even in office and for those who are still not comfortable with the new shiny look. Well, Maybelline The 24K Nudes Eyeshadow Palette is the perfect nudes that will make you look a fashionista yet natural. With all the versatile choices you can make your own signature look. They are infused with metallic gold pigments so it does not come off and messes the face.

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5. Tmalltide Natural Nudes Professional Eyeshadow Palette

The newest and highest of quality eyeshadows. The metallic texture, all the shimmers, lustrous pearls like texture provides an intense, exquisite, bold and smooth look on the eyes is not heavy at all. Tmalltide Natural Nudes Professional Eyeshadow Palette uses baked technology, has silky sheen powders and high concentration of color pigments. These things make the shades easy to apply. It will last up to 8 hours looking natural and flawless. Wear diamond on your eyes that nourish with Vitamin C, anti-oxidation and anti-aging.

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6. DATEWORK Single Baked Shimmer Metallic Eyeshadow Palette, No# 03

The pigments are natural looking and have a smooth texture that leaves no crease by covering all the skin perfectly. It has that pearl-like lustrous, shimmering, exotic texture with the metallic fusion. DATEWORK Single Baked Shimmer Metallic Eyeshadow Palette, No# 03, uses baked technology. That is why it looks so damn good and is so easy to apply. It is light on the eyes with 8 hours longevity.

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7. WindMax 15 Cold Metallic Eye Shadow

This eye palette brings colors infused with high-quality ingredients that are to serve the delicate skin of the eyes. With WindMax 15 Cold Metallic Eye Shadow gets a silkier shiny color playing on the eyes. The shades stay all day long whether in work, party, school, work, studio, fashion show or just a lazy day. Light weighted and suitable for any skin type. Do any kind of eyes you want.

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8. L.A. Colors Iced Pigment Powder Eyeshadow Metallic

Discover the frosted metallic look on eyes and gaze them with your icy cold look. L.A. Colors Iced Pigment Powder Eyeshadow Metallic is highly pigmented for a bold outgoing look that can turn people head and make them feel awe. The shades are long lasting so you do not have to worry about touch up. The lovers of colors will get their attraction dragging to it for those unbelievable hues. Play as much as you want with your eyes.

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9. Gallany Cosmetics Eye Shadow Quad Palette in Violine

It is a winning combo of metallic, cool, bright, nude, blue, earth, purple and plum which are all that is needed for cat eyes, smoky eyes, office look or trendy look. The colors of Gallany Cosmetics Eye Shadow Quad Palette in Violine is suitable for anything you desire. No matter what is your eye color, blue, brown, hazel, green, you will find a suitable shade for yourself. All the ingredients are pure and natural.

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10. L’Oreal Paris Cosmetics Infallible Paints Metallics Eyeshadow in Rose Chrome

The best metallic shadow for any type of skin is L’Oreal Paris Cosmetics Infallible Paints Metallics Eyeshadow in Rose Chrome. The color is trendy and beautiful suiting anyone anywhere. High impact finish gives off a professional touch to your eyes. It is creamy, has seamless bendability. Do a creaseless finish and last all day long no matter what you do. Get the perfect shimmery eye just in one stroke.

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Play the world in your eyes!

Metallic in Office

Who says you cannot wear metallic to the office? Except for Friday night out with girls metallic can also rock in office and make you hold a statement at the same time. Look professional and trendy at your workplace too.

Highlighted Inner Corners: After finishing your eyes for the work, pick up a tiny brush with a bit of light metallic eyeshadow and apply on the both inner corners. This effect will make you look more awake, fun and professional.

When you choose a color for this technique to remember to choose silver or champagne shades for light skins and gold or bronze like warm colors for darker skin. Keep the tone of your shadows lighter than your original skin tone. Thus, your eyes will pop out more.

Lid’s Centres: For this technique dab your fingertip on a light metallic shade and pop the sparkle on the middle of your lid. Slowly place your finger and make your center lid look bright and sparkly.

Shades of Bronze and Copper: You can do more than just highlighting your corners and centers. Take neutral colors like bronze or copper for deep skin or champagnes for light skin and color your full lid, blending the edges with a brush.

Here, you are ready to rock the clubs and your workplace throughout the fall and winter. Metallic will help you last the whole festive season looking fashionable and pretty. Go metallic matte!!!

Make your workplace your territory!

Safety of Metallic Eye Shadows

There is still no reported news on side effects or health issues regarding using a metallic eyeshadow. Metallic eyes have been there in the fashion world for a long time now. It is nothing really new or completely out of the box but is a finer and more beautiful approach. The colors are surely out of the world and the texture is marvelous, epitaph of utter perfection. Manufacturers have been really careful with their ingredients grade. The metallic makeup including others are soft on the skin and with the proper method, they come off easily too. So, do not worry much.

But after every day at the end when it comes to bed clean your face. Remove all type of makeup and treat yourself with moisturizers, toners, and other healthy stuff.

Does This Quench The Thirst?

If you have read the whole article then you have almost covered all the things out in public on metallic till now. We did try to cover up everything that will assist you to get a hang on the new trend as much as possible. Metallic is in the fashion. And there is a good reason behind it. You do not close yourself behind the doors and come out. Check the new colors that know how to sparkle itself and can make you sparkle too. Give it a try at least. Do a fashion show at home and see it yourself. Bring out your friend and hit the town. Make your workplace a place to put your statement. Go strong and bold like metallic.

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