Best Long Lasting Lip Liner – 10 Picks

Best lip liner pencils to define and line your lips perfectly with the long lasting colors.

Updated: September 26, 2019
Best Long Lasting Lip Liner Pencils

Lip liner comes back again with its promising definition. There are lots of shades, colors, and pigments. A lip liner basically creates a canvas to rock your lipstick.

Lip liner prevents the lip colors from bleeding, feathering, smudging or fading away. It lets the lipstick stay hours and makes the lips more captivating.

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Here I just helped you to find out the best lip liner pencils that will promise their pigments.

The Best Long Lasting Lip Liner Pencils

  1. J.Cat Beauty Long Lasting Lip Pencil Liner

12 beautiful colors, true to color, long lasting, auto lip pencil, and easy to apply. Hypoallergenic and cruelty-free. Protect the lip from smudging and smearing with the Roll It Up Auto Lip Pencil technology. Available shade- just match to your lipstick color. Simply twist the liner and apply it on the lips without a sharpener.Best Long Lasting Lip Liner Pencils

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  1. Italia Deluxe Long Lasting Lip Liner

Get 8 lip liners with a travel size. Made with the odorless elements. All colors are vibrant, creamy and smooth. Feel the color long-lasting and easy to apply. The colors are Cola, Expresso, Brick, Natural Beige, Hot Pink, Red, Cocoa, and Burgundy.Best Long Lasting Lip Liner Pencils

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  1. True Lips Waterproof Long Lasting Lip Liner Pencil

You can drink, you can touch, but the lip color does not fade. You need a quality makeup remover to wipe the color off. Looks matte dry finish and does not have a stick cup. Get a light purse on the lip.Best Long Lasting Lip Liner Pencils

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  1. Prestige Waterproof Automatic Long Lasting Lip Liner in Nude

Long lasting, does not fade. Apply color smoothly with the softly rounded point without tugging. Waterproof, automatic lip liner, dermatologically tested, not tested on the animals. No need to sharpen- made with a unique swivel-up color application that retracts.Best Long Lasting Lip Liner Pencils

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  1. Wood Waterproof Long Lasting Lip Liner Pencil

Easy to apply, long wearing, and blends smoothly with a budge-proof finish. Dermatologically tested, paraben free, no animal tested, waterproof and define the lips nicely. Smooth formula and makes the lips professional.Best Long Lasting Lip Liner Pencils

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  1. L’oreal Infallible Never Fail Long Lasting Lip Liner in Rose

Long lasting, perfect for lipstick or lip gloss never fail. Creamy rich lip liner that goes on smoothly. No smudging, no feathering, stay for hours with comfortable soft feeling.Best Long Lasting Lip Liner Pencils

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  1. City Color Chic Precision Long Lasting Lip Liner

Usable for all women for their daily use. Comfortable and easy feeling glides on smoothly, long lasting and the colors look beautiful. Made with richer materials. Comes with a City Color chic precision lip liner. It includes 12 different elegant colors for any occasion or daily use. The colors are ultra-pink, camellia, salmon, ruby, antique pink, scarlet sangria, orchid, currant, coffee, natural, and porcelain.Best Long Lasting Lip Liner Pencils

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  1. NYX Cosmetics Long Lasting Slim Lip Liner Pencil

The premium quality ingredients are used. No bleeding, no fade off. Lasts for hours glides on smoothly and feel creamy soft. Define your lips beautifully that will stay for a day. Comes with 6 alluring colors- coral, dolly pink, orange, tangerine, pink and rose. Made in France.Best Long Lasting Lip Liner Pencils

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  1. e.l.f. Cosmetics Essential Long-Wear Lip Liner

Made with ProVitamin Complex. No-fade off, soft colors, cares the lips naturally, and long lasting formula. Wear alone or apply your favorite lipstick or lip gloss for a perfect definition.Best Long Lasting Lip Liner Pencils

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  1. Jolie Automatic Long Lasting Lip Liner with Vitamin E

Feel creamy, smooth and waterproof texture. It is a moisturizing lip liner to define the lips perfectly like a picture. Glides on easily, feels creamy, ultra-smooth, and long lasting formula. Infused with vitamin C & E to protect and nourish the lips. Mineral oil and preservatives free.Best Long Lasting Lip Liner Pencils

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Hope, the above ‘best long lasting lip liner’ will help you to get out the perfect defined pout. Define your lips with a lip liner first and then fill up the lips with your favorite lipstick/lip gloss. Or you can use the lip liner alone. Let me know please which lip liner you picked up.

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