30 Best Moisturizing and Hydrating Lipsticks For Dry Chapped Lips To Use Throughout The Winter

Updated: September 26, 2019
best lipsticks for dry lips

In this article, I will show you some best lipsticks for dry lips.

If your lips look great with your lipstick, it is a better one. But, if your lips feel comfortable as well as looking pretty, it is the best one.

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Lips are more delicate and sensitive. With lips, you kiss, you express your personality, you create a world-winning smile, you sip, etc. So, your lips should be emotional, soft and healthy.

Lipstick is the most used product for lips. A slap of an appropriate lipstick can transform your appearance into a praiseworthy looking.

But, if your lips are dry or chapped, it is really hard to find out the most appropriate lipstick that can moisturize, protect, soothe, tint, and soften the dry lips at a time.

I researched and found out some lipsticks that are exactly perfect for chapped lips. All the lipsticks are packed with wonderful moisturizers, soothing properties, and protective ingredients along with the best colors that can adorn your dry lips in the most alluring style.

These 30 lipsticks won’t dry out your lips and fight against cracking, chapping, and peeling of the lips

1: Anself Long Lasting Moisturizing Waterproof Leopard Print LipstickBest lipsticks for dry lips in winter

It shapes your dry lips with smoothness, softness, and hydration in cold days. In summer, Anself Lipstick does not sweat your lips. It contains natural Vitamin E and other moisturizing ingredients to moisten your lips in all seasons. Choose your best color among 12 beautiful tones.

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2: L’oreal Colour Riche Lipcolour Lipstick with Hydrated Nourishing IngredientsBest lipsticks for dry lips in winter

This L’oreal Colour Riche Lipcolour Lipstick is more moistening than ever before. It is combined with rich, nourishing, and intensely hydrating components, such as- Vitamin E, Argan Oil, and Omega 3 to milder your dry lips. The lips will be indulged in its sacred luxury shades, from bold to nearly nude. Print your lips with a matching one.

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3: Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick, Kiss Me Coral, Mega Moisturizing ShineBest lipsticks for dry lips in winter

It owns classic color lip shades and extremely moisturizers with Vitamin C & E and Aloe Vera. This mega moisturizer is available in 72 shiny colors that people must love.

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4: Covergirl Lip Perfection Lipstick Enthrall Dry Lips SmootherBest lipsticks for dry lips in winter

Nothing else, it is just a prestige inspired pack for lip perfection and transformation in just 7 days. Covergirl Lip Perfection Lipstick is packed with 44 gorgeous transforming shades with silk moisturizing and silk protein ingredients. It transforms your dry lips to more moisturizing and smoother.

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5: Golden Rose Velvet Matte Lipstick Mexican Red, Hydrates Dry LipsBest lipsticks for dry lips in winter

It is an excellent matte finish lipstick that does not fade but provides a brilliant coverage for hours. The Velvet Matte Lipstick from Golden Rose is dermatologist tested and paraben free. It has some wonderful moisturizers to coat your chapped lips with a soft and smooth sensation.

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6: Kiki Luxe Color High-Quality Moisturizing LipstickBest lipsticks for dry lips in winter

Kiki Luxe Color is an incredible lipstick enriched with intense hydration and continuous color for 8 hours. It is made in the USA and dabs a complete comfort enhancing your lips beauty that is not feathering and fading. Kiki Luxe is a premium quality moisturizing lip color with a highly feminine organza sachet.

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7: Shimarz Nude Gloss Color Lipstick, All Natural Moisturizing IngredientsBest lipsticks for dry lips in winter

It is a lipstick with the properties of both a lip balm and a lip gloss. Get greatly nourished lips for 12 hours. Shimarz Nude Gloss Color Lipstick is made with 85% organic and vegan ingredients, like Coconut Oil, Mango Butter, Castor Seed Oil, Avocado Oil, Cocoa Butter, Vitamin E, etc. Not added any cruel, harsh or chemical components. Both kids, girls, and women can use it for dry lips in winter.

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8: L’oreal Infallible Never Fail Lipcolour, Grenadine, Intensely Moisturizing ComplexBest lipsticks for dry lips in winter

L’oreal Infallible Never Fail Lipcolour is a very long lasting lipstick offering 16 hours, moisturizing, comfortable, and pretty lips. Don’t fade or flake off the color. Its moisturizing formula with vitamin E protects your lips from moisture loss for hours.

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9: Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Ultra Lipstick, Brick- Moisturizing Dry LipsBest lipsticks for dry lips in winter

Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Ultra Lipstick is a real one. It does not mask your lips. It really softens, moisturizes, and soothes your lips with a fuller, younger and plumper look. Elizabeth Arden protects and gives a luxurious splashing color to your lips for hours.

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10: Maybelline New York ColorSensational Lipcolor, Fuchsia Fever, Nourishing Honey NectarBest lipsticks for dry lips in winter

Discover dramatically hydrating, nourishing and smooth lips instantly with a unique honey nectar formula. It coats your lips with a fabulous, crisper and fresher pure pigment beyond the gorgeousness to improve the overall lip complexion.

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11: MAC Matte Lipstick, Russian Red, Non-Drying, MoisturizingBest lipsticks for dry lips in winter

MAC Matte Lipstick, Russian Red is packed with the beauties of real glamor. It glides on easily spreading its semi-matte, velvety finish, and intense shades that are not non-caking and majestically moisturizing.

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12: E.l.f. Dry Lips Moisturizing Lipstick in Ravishing RoseBest lipsticks for dry lips in winter

This lipstick for dry lips is shaped with some creamy, long-lasting, and moisturizing rich stuff, including Vitamin A, C & E, and Shea Butter. So, it seals your lips with a pure hydration and nourishment. It drops a satin and velvety texture on your lips with a luminous and vibrant shiny color.

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13: NYX Cosmetics Matte Lipstick Eden, Mineral Oils to Moisturize Dry LipsBest lipsticks for dry lips in winter

It is a 100% authentic lipstick made with mineral oils to hydrate and moisturize your chapped lips. NYX Lipstick is long lasting, luxuriously formulated and highly pigmented color. Any skin complexion can go beautifully with this Eden lipstick.

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14: COVERGIRL Outlast All Day Two-Step Lipcolor Ever Red, Feeling MoistBest lipsticks for dry lips in winter

It is a #1 real long lasting lipstick. It does not fade through kissing, eating, drinking or working, totally virtual-life proof. Give you non-stop shine, brilliant color and moisturizing feeling up to 16 hours in just two easy steps. Keep your lips smooth, soft and moist on dry air or cold days.

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15: Princessa Aloe Vera Mood Lipstick, Moisturizing Long LastingBest lipsticks for dry lips in winter

Princessa is a long-lasting, creamy, and moisturizing lipstick infused with Aloe Vera. It is also known as Mood or Magic Lipstick. Its color changes to pink shades.

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16: Maybelline New York Baby Lips Crystal Lip Balm in Pink Quartz LipstickBest lipsticks for dry lips in winter

It is basically a lip balm base lipstick. So, no doubt, it will be one of the best lipsticks for dry lips in winter or other seasons. You won’t need to use any lip balm if you use it. Microcrystal particles are used to renew your lips and it gives you 8-hour moisturizing baby soft lips with a kiss of shimmer tint.

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17: E.l.f. Moisturizing Lipstick Red Carpet, Dry Lips PerfectionistBest lipsticks for dry lips in winter

E.l.f. Moisturizing Lipstick Red Carpet is another one of the best lipsticks for dry lips. It is developed with Vitamin A, C & E and Shea Butter that are great nourishing and hydrating agents for dry skin. It’s long lasting comfort and creamy texture glides easily on your lips. This E.l.f. Moisturizing Lipstick is also packed with pretty shiny and vibrant shades of satin, velvety complex temperament.

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18: Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick, Hydrate, and Soften Dry LipsBest lipsticks for dry lips in winter

It is a weightless, creamy, and long-lasting coverage for your dry lips. The Stila Stay Lipstick not only moisturizes but also dabs a highly pigmented rich color on your lips. It’s Avocado Oil and Vitamin E softens and hydrates your lips.

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19: Fran Wilson Moodmatcher Lipstick, Natural Moisturizing Powers for Dry LipsBest lipsticks for dry lips in winter

It’s an original mood changing lipstick with the richest moisturizers of Vitamin E and Aloe Vera. Fran Wilson Moodmatcher Lipstick has 10 different beautiful colors that change their shades according to your skin chemistry and last up to 12 hours.

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20: Burt’s Bees 100% Natural Moisturizing Lipstick in Fuchsia FloodBest Lipsticks for Dry Lips

It is a great lipstick for dry lips. It gives your lips up to 8-hour moisture. It is loaded with a ‘Fuchsia Flood’; that means a bold pink color. This lipstick has another 13 beautiful bold hydrated shades. All colors are moisturizing and smooth. It gives you a satin creamy texture on your dry lips. Made with all natural materials. Keeps the lips moisturized all day long.

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21: Lipstick Queen, Frog Prince, Hydrating EffectBest Lipsticks for Dry Lips in Winter

Frog Prince contains Vitamin E antioxidant to protect and soothe your lips, and Shea Butter to moisturize them. Lipstick Queen dabs a flattering, long-lasting, and elegant pink shade by harmonizing its color as per your skin tone and pH type with wet and glossy lip makeup.

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22: Rimmel Provocalips 16hr Kissproof Lipstick in Little MinxBest Lipsticks for Dry Lips in Winter

Gives your lips a freedom for 16 hours with a smooth and moisturizing coat. The lipstick is food, kiss, and transfer proof. You won’t feel dry or tight lips. Easily remove the lip color with an oil, makeup remover.

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23: Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick Berry Rose for Dry LipsBest Lipsticks for Dry Lips in Winter

Rimmel Moisture Berry Rose is one of the best lipsticks for dry lips. It reduces 65% dryness, protects your lips with SPF30, and adapts the tone according to your skin type. The lipstick contains Collagen, Vitamin A, C, & E and Hyaluronic Acid to moisturize, nourish and creamy the lips all day long with a rich metallic elegant formula.

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24: Ecco Bella Flowercolor Lipstick, Rosewood, Moisturize ChappingBest Lipsticks for Dry Lips in Winter

Ecco Bella Flowercolor is a lip balm based lipstick with vegetable oils, waxes, and mineral oils. Varieties of color to blend your lips with Mauve Rose, Tuscany Rose, Pink Rose, etc. It is fragrance-free, dye free, gluten free, petroleum free, and all other artificial elements free. So, the lipstick is the safest for dry lips without chapping or flaking.

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25: Natural Beauty the Best Long Lasting Moisturizing Lipstick, PRECIOUS

It is an award-winning lipstick for chapped or dry lips. Natural Beauty is made with high-quality natural anti-oxidants and moisturizers make your lips healthy, and hydrated. It brings a natural smile on your lips with a long-lasting, natural shade of moisturizer that looks really luscious and nourishing. Natural Beauty PRECIOUS is free from all chemicals.

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26: Maybelline New York Baby Lips Moisturizing Lip Balm Lipstick in Cherry MeBest Lipsticks for Dry Lips in Winter

Lip balm and lipstick are in one. Maybelline New York Baby Lips, ‘Cherry Me’ is a clinically tested lipstick for dry and chapped lips for giving 8 hours moisturizing with SPF 20 sun protection. It helps to renew your lips within just 4 weeks. So, you will enjoy fresher and tender lips.

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27: Cate Mcnabb Cosmetics Natural Long Lasting Lipstick, All Pinned Up, For Lip HydrationBest Lipsticks for Dry Lips in Winter

It comes with a gorgeous red shade with satin finish and natural formula. Cate Mcnabb gives your lips a long lasting moisturizing feeling. The essential oils and Shea butter hydrate and repair your lips. It is also all cruelty, paraben, and chemical free, and certified by Leaping Bunny.

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28: Rimmel Rich Moisture Lipstick – Heather ShimmerBest Lipsticks for Dry Lips

This Rimmel lipstick is uniquely formulated with 100% moisturizing effect to keep your dry lips hydrated up to 8 hours. It has a wide range of stunning and shimmery colors, just choose your best one. Your lips will be soft, smooth, and protected for hours.

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29: Rimmel Show Off Lip Lacquer PhenomenonBest Lipsticks for Dry Lips in Winter

It is a liquid lip color containing conditioning and creamy ingredients to moisturize the lips for hours. Enjoy pure color pigments without flaking or chapping.

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30: NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Milanbest lipsticks for dry lips

It envelops the lips with a rich color while it also moisturizes the dry chapped lips. You can use this lipstick in all seasons especially perfect for winter. It provides a matte color with a smooth coat of pigmentation and a nice scent. Feel light on the lips but the pigmentation is heavy. Fit for all days and occasions. Apply easily with an applicator attached with.

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These are the best lipsticks for dry lips. Choose your one and let me know please how you felt after using. But, I hope, you can get a flavor of nice lip color and moisturization at a time from a single lipstick.

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