15 Best Lipstick Shades for Dusky Skin Women

Updated: September 25, 2019
Best Lipstick Shades For Dusky Skin Women

People with dusky skin are mainly found in the Southern Asia, Africa, and in America as Afro-American people. A few years ago, a girl with dusky and dark skin considered as not so beautiful. But, things are changing. Dusky skin is now a symbol of glamor, sex appeal, and smoky beauty.

The beauty industry can’t overlook this large population. So, they produced lots of beauty and skin care products targeting the dusky and dark skinned women. And the lipstick is not out of that list as it is the main makeup part for women.

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But, here is a problem when a woman is approaching a lipstick shade for her dusky skin tone because all shades of lipstick may not look glamorous on this complexion. So, you should grasp some knowledge on how to select the best suitable lipstick shade for the dusky skin. And yes, I made your task easy. See below the most preferred and beautiful lipstick shades for dusky skin tone women.

The Best Lipstick Shades For Dusky Skin Women

  1. Copper Brownbest lipstick shades for dusky skin women

Copper brown lipstick shade is a nice color for the women with dusky and dark colored skin. It matches finely with the skin color and gives a gorgeous appealing look. You can wear it with a variety sort of dresses in any occasion or party. You can choose the below best-seller copper brown shade:

Maybelline Colorsensational Copper Brown Lipstick

  1. Red

Red gives a passionate deep look. If you have a dusky skin, it gives you both the enticing, hot, and seductive appearance. You can wear various shades of red from deep to light. Just wear with a matching dress and bring the mystery inside you. See below two quality red lipsticks.

  1. Deep Plumbest lipstick shades for dusky skin women

I think this color is made for the skin with dusky or dark tone. It blends so nicely with this skin tone for an iconic look. This shade exerts the sense of confidence in every wear at the party or domestic occasion. There are various shades of plum lipsticks in the market. But, these ones are for a bold look.

  1. Magenta

This is a nice lip shade for the dusky skin. Perfectly matches with the skin of Asian, African, and Afro-American skin. According to the Wikipedia, magenta color is the equal combination of red and blue. It helps you to have a bold and dashing look in the party or occasion. See below two quality magenta lipsticks.

  1. Rose Pinkbest lipstick shades for dusky skin women

Pink is such a lipstick color that suits every skin tone. But, rose pink is for the women having deep skin complexion. It is a light lip color to give you an elegant look. If you able to match it with your dress, it will give you a cool sexy look. You will find a wide range of shades to get a hot party girl or cool corporate lady look. See below two quality rose pink lipstick shade.

  1. Taupe

This shade looks like a mixing of gray and brown color. It gives your lips an outstanding look. This shade is perfect for the lady with dark skin. It is interesting that this color is named after the French mole. Whatever it be, this shade gives you a nice attractive look. See below two quality taupe lipstick colors.

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  1. Fuchsiabest lipstick shades for dusky skin women

This shade adds a mystery to your dusky skin. If you don’t like lips with pink color, use this shade. It gives you nearly pink shade with a different look. This shade looks like a vivid purplish red color. And it is named after the fuchsia plant. If you want a stunning look to your dusky skin, wear it. See below two quality fuchsia lipsticks.

  1. Maroon

Maroon is a counterpart color of red. And it never goes out with fashion. It is a nice that complements all types of skin tones. You can choose any tone from dark to light maroon for a stunning makeup look. See below two quality maroon lipsticks.

  1. Chocolate Brownbest lipstick shades for dusky skin women

For a deep look, chocolate brown lip shade is great. It is quite different that copper brown lip shade. Copper brown is lighter, while chocolate brown is deep dark and chocolaty. It gives you the trendy and sophisticated look. You can wear it as your simple day wear or smoky party look. You can see below one best-seller this shade of lipstick.

KraV Cosmetics Chocolate Brown Liquid Matte Lipstick

  1. Peach

It is a perfect color for any time of the day. This shade is generally used for the skin with dusky and dark color. You can wear various shades of pink color like soft peach, neon peach, pale peach, peach beige and much more. It gives you charming look with cool appearance. See below two quality peach lipsticks.

  1. Burgundybest lipstick shades for dusky skin women

This shade is a combination of dark red with purple. It is naturally a deep color perfectly suits with the dusky skin tone. You can wear it at any gorgeous occasion or party. It gives you fashionable look with hot touch. Looks great with deeply colored dresses. See below two quality burgundy lipsticks.

  1. Nude

It is a must-have lipstick shade to the lipstick lover’s makeup box. It is perfect for the workplace for a professional look. This shade helps you to have a nice look with drama, depth, and desire. You can also experiment it by mixing with other lip shade. See below two quality nude lipsticks.

  1. Bronzebest lipstick shades for dusky skin women

This metallic color gives elegant look to the women with dusky skin tone. And it doesn’t create any loud appearance. You can wear this lip shade at both day and evening function. It perfectly matches with deep colored fashion outfits. See below two quality bronze lipsticks.

  1. Black Currant

It gives a gorgeous velvety matte finish to your lips. It is a rich intense color for a bold look. You should choose it for your next dashing look. See below two quality black currant lipsticks.

  1. Cranberrybest lipstick shades for dusky skin women

It is a perfect lip shade for Thanksgiving Day. It is a universally flattering lip shade. Besides, this shade will help to look your teeth bright and white for a sparkling smile. See below two quality cranberry lipsticks.

These are the best lipstick shades for dusky skin women. All are so cute and gorgeous. Now it is your turn to choose one for your next stunning look. Let me know which one you chose and how much you get compliments from others. But, these shades are not enough because nowadays it is thought that you can use any lipstick shade if you feel it more comfortable and better with your skin tone. SO, YOU CAN GO ON WITH THIS IDEA.

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