The Best Lipstick Color for Tan Skin Women

Last Updated: June 21, 2019
Best Lipstick Color for Tan Skin

The tan skin is a little bit different than others. To make the skin tan has also been now a fashion. So, the demand of other makeups to match up the tan skin is increasing. And the lipstick is a bigger weapon in your makeup box to convert you sexier within seconds.

But, the challenge is to find out the unblemished lipstick color because the tan skin is featured with bronze or brown look naturally. Even, often this skin type looks darker or medium though it may have both warm and cool undertones.

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Okay, think it easy because I will help you. I found out the best lipstick colors for the tan skin tones, before that look at some ways to know your undertones. It will help you to fix up the perfect lipstick color as your skin tone.

Finding Out Your Skin Undertonesbest lipstick color for tan skin

See into your wrist and you can see blue or green veins. Green indicates warm undertones (yellow) and blue indicates cool undertones (pink). If you have a mix of blue and green, you might have neutral undertones. And you are lucky that you can use any lipstick color. Again, if your skin gets tanned in the sun, you have warmer undertones. If your skin gets burned, you have cooler undertones.

Another way is to hold a gold and a silver jewelry on your hands and see which one looks better. If silver jewelry looks prettier, you have pink or cool undertones. If the gold one looks prettier then you have warm or yellow undertones.

The undertones are not the main things that can fix up the right lip color. The pigment used in the lipstick also determines the look on your pout. The inferior quality pigment cannot payoff you with a good shine. It can make your lips gray.

On the other hand, sometimes dioxide is used to dilute the hue in the lipstick but this element may harm your skin. And it may also turn the tan skin ashy. So, be sure about the high quality of pigment. Find out the lipsticks made with the low amount of artificial or chemical ingredients. This ensures the safety of your sensitive skin.

Choose warmer lipstick colors like peaches, coral or orange if you have yellow undertones. Choose purple, red or blue-toned based any colors if you have pink undertones with medium brown tan skin.

Yet, if you are not sure about the best lipstick color for your tan skin, you can choose the following colors. Do experiment with them and sort out your favorite ones.

The Best Lipstick Color for Tan Skin Tones

  1. Red, Berry and Deep Plum

On the tan skin tones, these 3 lip colors look very beautiful. Any kind of deeper lipstick you can put to flatter your lips naturally. But, I recommend avoiding anything with bright, pale or light colors unless you love the blazing lip colors.

Red is the most common lip color for all ages of women. From teens to adults, everyone can put this shade at any time. And red lipstick goes precious with all skin tones.

Probably, deep plum and berry are the perfect matches for tanning-chocolate skin tones. Be careful of your outfit so that they can be matched with your lip colors.

  1. Pink and Nudebest lipstick color for tan skin

Often your outfit sets up what lipstick color you should put on. If you wear a bright outfit, you should apply a bright type of lipstick. It creates a nice looking adjustment. Of course, you can use pink and nude with all outfits. And these colors will go fantastic not only with tan skin but also all skinned women. Brown nude looks more beautiful on the tan skin.

Nude is a neutral color that fits nicely with your skin. Choose the shades carefully that adjust with you. And pink is one of the most used lipstick colors. There are lots of shade variations in pink. Choose dark pink, burgundy pink, brown pink, chocolate pink, terracotta pink, etc.

  1. Bronze or Bold

You can take either bold or bronze. These are standard shades for tanning skin tones. These lipsticks will make a prettier statement on your smile. Especially, I like bronze lipstick for me. Any bold color you can choose but it should be perfectly kick off the walk.

  1. Purple Lipstickbest lipstick color for tan skin

Purple color does not go ashy and it goes with a true shade on the tan or dark skin tone. Darker and deep purple looks great on the tan skin. You can also apply a semi-matte purple to get a dramatic look. Two best-seller shades are:

  1. Mauve and Brown

You can also wear these lipstick shades for your tan skin because they can make it sexier, crisper and prettier. If your skin has a combination of red and yellow undertones, you are lucky that brown and mauve lipstick is going to fit wonderful. Rose brown is also more flamboyant.

You can put them at any time of the day. Even for your casual time, school, college or university. Going date girls with these shades give you more pleasure.

  1. Magenta Plum

It is such a lipstick color that fits all skin tones and types. And its best fit is tanning skin tone. So, pucker up your lips with this shade for your parties. It will flatter your presence. Two best-seller shades are:

  1. Cherry

If you have chocolate-rich complexion, grasp a playful appearance with this color. But, I suggest getting a bright cherry red because it is more excellent for the tanning skin.

Revlon ColorStay Overtime Lipcolor in Non-Stop Cherry

  1. Burgundybest lipstick color for tan skin

It is called the queen of the lipstick. It looks gorgeous on the darker to tan skin. Go play with this royal color. It fits day to night – at any time of the day for any occasion.


  1. Metallic Lipstick

It is another elegant shade for the tanning skin women. Not only they but also dark, and medium skin owners can do play with this color. A metallic warmer or copper rose can go luscious with coffee-brown rich colored skin.

Maybelline New York Color Sensational Matte Metallic Lipstick in Copper Rose

  1. Sheer Moisturizing Shade

If your tan skin is darker olive to caramel, you can start with a different number of colors. But, don’t put nude or brown because it can wash out your appeal. Better to use a sheer tint moisturizing lipstick that can make your lips fuller.

Burt’s Bees 100% Natural Moisturizing Lipstick in Doused Rose

These are the best lipstick colors for the tan skin tones. Neon orange, raisin, tangerine, violet, and peony pink shades also look nice on the tan skin. Besides, you can use any lipstick color if you feel it comfortable and matched with your dress and time.


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