The Lipstick Colors That Look Gorgeous On Dark Lips (Afro-American or Indian Skin Tones)

Updated: September 26, 2019
Best Lipstick Color for Dark Lips Women

What lipstick color you will put, totally depends on you. The color that looks great and you feel comfortable, you should favor it. In this case, no rules work.

All lipstick colors go fit and well with fair skin women. But, if you have a deep skin complexion (dark skin); you need to be a little bit choosy.

And today, I will show you some lipstick colors that will be suitable and look wonderful for the dark lips women. The better idea is to choose a lipstick color that will match perfectly with your skin type.

We found out here 14 lipstick colors that are worn by most of the dark skin tone celebrities and they look more magnificent

If your lips are dark, you should avoid the bold and bright color lipsticks. In dark skin women, the sober and light colors always look cool.

In India, Africa, Afro-America, South-Asia, and some other countries, women normally have dark shaded lips. They can easily get the super-nice look by wearing these lipstick shades.

However, see the best lipstick color for dark lips below.

#1. Red, Berry, and Deep Plum: These lipstick colors or shades look fabulous on dark lips. Of course, red can go fit all skin types. Two quality lipsticks of these colors are:

#2. Chocolate, Brown, and Purple: For dark skin women or girls, these three lipstick are great shades. Either your parties, universities or daily walkouts, all occasions these shades can grab the attention.Best Lipstick Color for Dark Lips

#3. Walnut or Caramel: You can apply walnut or caramel especially for daytime. But, these lip shades are also a fantastic match for your favorite night parties.

#4. Wine or Plum: You can use wine or plum for night or evening time. Many celebrities like these lipstick colors for their night movements. If your lips are dark, no doubt, go easy with those.

#5. Bit Darker:  A bit darker lipstick shade goes with a nice look for dark skin tone women. I personally like this color as my skin type is a little bit tan.

#6. Mauve and Rose: The black lips look great with mauve and rose lipstick color. But, don’t use bright red or rose, rather use deep burgundy. A deep burgundy makes your lips attractive. Nothing to say about Rose lipstick color; it is just a captivating touching and feeling.

#7. Blue-red: If you have deep skin with warm undertones, you can use blue-based red lipstick.Best Lipstick Color for Dark Lips

#8. Metallic Ruby Red or Deep Wine: You can try a deep wine or metallic ruby red lipstick if you have deep skin with cool undertones.

#9. Pink: Pink is a versatile color for everyday life. It has many shades. Choose the shade that looks excellent for your daily look. But, a lighter/shimmer pink lipstick looks marvelous on black lips.

#10. Red: Red lipstick possibly is the most used color for all skin types. Red goes to fit nice for all women regardless of age, skin type, hair color, and lip or eye color. So, you can make your lips proud with a red color lipstick.Best Lipstick Color for Dark Lips

#11. Nude: Nude is a safe and neutral lip color for all skin types. The women with a darker complexion can easily wear nude lipstick. It makes the dark lips look thinner and fuller.

#12. Coral: Coral is a good lipstick shade for deep skin type. But, be careful, it looks a little bit brighter on black lips. If you like gorgeous makeup, you can use it. Or just reduce the brightness slightly, that’s enough to look great.

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#13. Orange: You can pick up also orange lip color, it neutralizes the darker complexion.

#14. Dark: If you wear a bold color dress, a dark color lipstick can be a nice choice for your dark lips.

These are the best lipstick colors or shades for dark lips women. You can also look for some other lipstick colors, such as- siren red, bob, flame, instant gold, berry breeze, terracotta blush, burgundy, caramel/fleshy nude, fuchsia cubist, melted violet, cocoa, bronze, and brown-based pigment. Try each and every color and choose that suit perfectly.

Lastly, I will tell you that wear the lipstick color that you feel more decorative and can make your lips look unique. Don’t fix up just with a single color. Continue doing the experiment and fun with different colors at different times and occasions. And maintain the lipstick colors that look better and prettier on your dark lips.

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