10 Best Lip Scrubs and Exfoliators for Smooth Bright Lips

Last Updated: June 21, 2019
Best Lip Scrubs

It is winter and you need the best lip scrubs to get smooth, soft, and dry-free lips. The dry or cold air of winter sucks the moisture from the skin and leaves the lips slapped down with flaking, peeling or chapped skin.

To get nifty lips throughout the cold months, you need to exfoliate your lips. Regular exfoliation makes your lips smile in full bloom whenever you feel. Stand out of many with silky, velvety lips.

The best lip scrub: we found out the highest rated and most reviewed exfoliators for lips to remove dead skin cells

The scrub exfoliates away the dry, dead or chapped skin, and makes the lips evener, smoother, and newer.

1. bliss Fabulips Sugar Lip Scrubbest lip scrubs for dark, dry lips in winter

It is a creamy lip scrub, not only polishes but also conditions and nourishes the lips. The walnut shell, almond oil, and sweet sugar remove the dry flakes, dead or chapped skin, while the olive oil, jojoba oil, Shea butter, cocoa butter, vitamins A, C & E conditions and nourishes for smooth, even and beautiful finish to let the lipstick color last longer.

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2. the lip scrub by sara happ SPARKLING PINK GRAPEFRUITbest lip scrubs for dark, dry lips in winter

It is an energizing, tangy, sweet and crispy lip scrub made with the sweetest hint of sugar and clean, fresh grapefruit notes. Massage the scrub onto the lips with fingers in a circular motion. Then erase off with a tissue. You will get wonderful supple, soft, newer and natural color lip skin by buffing away the flaky, dry or dead skin cells.

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3. Fresh Sugar Lip Polishbest lip scrubs for dark, dry lips in winter

It is a mild, nourishing Exfoliator for lips. The pure brown sugar softly wipes out the flaky, dead or dry skin cells. The Shea butter, grapeseed oil, jojoba oil, and meadowfoam seed oil donate long lasting and superior moisturizer. The combination of conditioning and polishing reveals out the real, kissable, sleek and supple lips. Massage politely on the dry lips, and leave for 5 minutes. Then rinse off with warm water. Use twice a week to get younger lips.

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4. Handmade Heroes Ultra Sexy Lip ScrubBest Lip Scrubs for Dry Lips

It is formulated with all natural ingredients. Vegan coconut oil hydrates the lips. It gently exfoliates all dull dry dead skin cells and reveals out the evener and smoother lip skin. Handmade Heroes Ultra Sexy Lip Scrub contains no cruelties, fragrances and it’s 100% natural sugar sloughs off dead cells. Jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, and avocado oil moisturize the lips. Regular use of this scrub also can remove the wrinkles and fine lines on the lips. No more flaky skin on the lips. Use it for all days of the year.

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5. Lush Bubble Gum Lip Scrubbest lip scrubs for dark, dry lips in winter

All natural ingredients are used. Fairtrade sugar exfoliates the lips, and jojoba oil gives a smooth touch. Massage gently your lips with a small amount of scrub. Then cleanse off with water. Now your lips are ready to have flawless lip color or lip balm. In winter, it helps you a lot to get dry, chapped or flaky-free lips. Exfoliating your lips twice a week gives you super smooth and fresher lips.

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6. e.l.f. Studio Lip Exfoliatorbest lip scrubs for dark, dry lips in winter

It’s sweet sugar gently exfoliates lips to buff off the dry, dead or chapped skin. And the combination of jojoba oil, grapeseed oil, avocado, Shea butter and vitamin E soothes and conditions the lips. Massage your lips softly with a little scrub, then wipe away with a tissue. Dabbing some lip balm or lip gloss adds an extra smoothness, revitalizing and fresher look.

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7. Bite Whipped Cherry Lip Scrubbest lip scrubs for dark, dry lips in winter

It is not as a usual lip scrub. It is made with rice bran, fruit acids rich in vitamin C and antioxidant Resveratrol. The fruit scrub gets rid of the dead, dry or flaky skin, and lightens the lip color. So, if your lips are dark, it is a perfect exfoliator for you. The scrub also creates a barrier against the free radicals, while conditioning the skin.

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8. Lush Santa’s Lip Scrubbest lip scrubs for dark, dry lips in winter

It’s a cola-flavored lip scrub made with coconut oil and caster sugar. The sugar exfoliates off the dry, rough or dead bits, and coconut oil makes your lips supple, smooth and hydrated for Christmas kissable lips. Simply rub it onto your lips and cleanse off with warm water or tissue. Then wear your favorite lipstick, lip balm or gloss. It is an ideal lip scrub for winter.

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9. Beauty Treats Lip Scrubbest lip scrubs for dark, dry lips in winter

It is a high-quality lip scrub having 4 nice flavors-Dark Cherry, Vanilla Bean, Wild Apple and Almond Crème. Antioxidant vitamin E moisturizes the lips and finely ground walnut shells exfoliate away the dead skin. Exfoliate your lips with it twice a week and enjoy smoother, younger lips.

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10. This Naturally Organic Lip Exfoliatorbest lip scrubs for dark, dry lips in winter

It’s a 100% organic lip scrub made with organic jojoba oil, organic Shea butter, organic Cane sugar, and mint & citrus essential oils. The Cane sugar politely exfoliates the dry, chapped lips and stimulates the circulation. The essential oils refresh the skin with scented, aroma, while Shea butter and jojoba oil condition the skin for pretty fuller lips.

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My best lip scrubs: I make my lip scrub at home with brown sugar and honey. It works nicely to exfoliate the dry skin, while honey hydrates the lips deeply. You can try it here.

Don’t exfoliate your lips more than twice a week. After scrubbing, cleanse the lips off with warm water or a washcloth. Apply a good lip balm before wearing lipstick or lip gloss. It lets the lip color stay longer. Regular exfoliation in winter gives you fuller, dry-free beautiful lips.


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