Best Lip Scrub for Dark Lips- I Selected 29 Exfoliators

Dryness also causes dark lips. You can get dry-free smooth lips by exfoliating them. There are lots of scrubs for lips. I brought out some best lip scrubs for dark lips.

Last Updated: December 29, 2017
best lip scrub for dark lips

Before going to the list of best lip scrubs or exfoliators, first, let’s know some basic ideas about lip exfoliation or scrub.

Why You Need to Scrub Your Lips

Often our lips become dry, chapped or cracked. For that, our lips look uneven and slightly dark, and of course not looking beautiful also. Even the severe dryness can cause bleeding as lips are very thin and sensitive.

Exfoliation removes the dry, chapped, cracked or dead skin/cells of the lips. So, lips get back their plain and pretty look. Exfoliation reduces the patches, darkness or dark spots on the lips. You can also minimize the aging signs, wrinkles, or fine lines from your lips if you regularly exfoliate them.

When You Scrub/Exfoliate Your Lips

Scrubbing the lips once a week is best, but not more than twice. The best time is at night before sleeping or in the morning. If you use a toothbrush based exfoliators, you can scrub your lips at morning. And, if you use other scrubs except for toothbrush, you can exfoliate your lips at night.  After exfoliating your lips, you should use a good moisturizer on your lips.

What Type of Lip Scrubs Are Good

Homemade Scrubs

You can exfoliate your lips either with homemade scrubs or readymade ones from online shops or your departmental stores. Read “How to exfoliate lips naturally at home”. Here I discussed some natural ingredients that you can use as lip exfoliators. Honey, sugar, olive oil, baking soda, rose water, glycerin, soft bristle straight toothbrush etc. are the most common natural scrub elements for dark lips. Homemade lip scrubs really work great.

Readymade Scrubs

Nowadays, readymade scrubs for dark lips are also much effective because various healthy materials (vitamin, essential oil, moisturizer etc.) are added to them to turn your lips soft, fuller and moisturized.

The Best Lip Scrub for Dark Lips (Readymade Exfoliators)

I will show you below some product based lip scrubs. You can use these exfoliators either for dark or dry lips.

  1. Beauty Treats Lip Scrub with Wild Apple Flavor
  2. Peppermint Lip Scrub – by The Soap Exchange
  3. Lush Mint Julips Lip Scrub Made In Canada
  4. Sara Happ Vanilla Bean Lip Scrub-Vanilla Bean
  5. TREAT Jumbo Lip Scrub
  6. Double Love Body Scrub with Himalayan Salt & Organic Lavender Essential Oils – Moisturizing and Exfoliating Sea Salt and Oil Scrub by Angel Face Botanicals
  7. Organic & Natural Flavored Sugar Lip Scrub No More Chapped Lips
  8. e.l.f. professional Lip Exfoliator
  9. Vanilla Lip Scrub – by The Soap Exchange
  10. Beauty Treats Lip Scrub with Vanilla Bean Flavor
  11. Cake Batter Lip Scrubbie by Diva Stuff
  12. bliss Fabulips Pout-O-Matic Lip-Perfecting System 
  13. Lush Bubble Gum Lip Scrub Made in Canada Ships From USA
  14.  Handmade Heroes All Natural Vegan Lip Scrub
  15. Beauty Treats Lip Scrub with Almond Creme Wild Apple Vanilla Bean Dark Cherry 
  16. BEST Skin Cleansing FACE and BODY BRUSH Microdermabrasion Exfoliator System – Pore Minimizer – Acne Spots and Acne Scar Treatment – Body Acne Remover – Dark Spot Corrector – Perfect Skin-Brushing System for Women and Men by ESS
  17. Sara happ The Lip Scrub
  18. Organic Lip Exfoliator
  19. Philosophy Kiss Me Exfoliating Lip Cream
  20. Fresh Lip Care Sugar Lip Polish For Women
  21. Cinnamon & Clove Organic Lip Plumping Formula Lip Scrubbie by Diva Stuff 
  22. Fresh Sugar Lip Polish Exfoliant & Conditions
  23. Citrus Coconut Flavored Organic Lip Scrub By Diva Stuff
  24. Royal Apothic Lip Scrubs, Exfoliating Perfect Lips 
  25. Lemon Drop Martini Lip Scrubbie by Diva Stuff
  26. Boom Popsicle Flavor Lip Scrub, By Diva Stuff
  27. BeautiControl NEW Packaging Skinlogics Lip Apeel
  28. Etude House Kiss Ful Lip Care Lip Scrub
  29. Philosopy Iced Mint Lemonade Lip Polishing Sugar Scrub

Hope, you have enjoyed the above lip scrubs for dark lips. Don’t forget to moisturize your lips with a rich petroleum jelly, chapstick or lip balm after exfoliating your lips if you use a homemade scrub. It is not essential to moisturize your lips if you use market-bought scrubs because most of them contain rich moisturizers and other rich elements.

That’s all about best lip scrub for dark lips. Don’t forget to share it if you like.


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