Best Lip Plumping Serum – Top 8 Ones

Updated: September 26, 2019
best lip plumping serum

Nowadays women like their lips to be a fatty shape. Of course, there is a greater reason – men like the pucker fleshy dashed up swollen lips of the girls.

Yes, you can have those bigger sexy lips like Angelina Jolie or Kylie Jenner. You won’t need the expensive injectable products, surgery or another type of painful processes. Or you won’t need to go to a derm’s house.

You can easily pump up your pout with some lip plumping serums that are safe, daily usable and natural. Also, they are able to hydrate, soothe and protect your lips. Well let’s see:

The Best Lip Plumping Serum

  1. Hard Candy Lip Plumping SerumBest Lip Plumping Serum

It instantly hydrates, plumps, and makes the lips super curvaceous, glossy and fuller. The formula needs no collagen. Hard Candy Lip Plumping Serum creates the perfect bigger lips leaving an outrageous pinkish shine. The serum is easy to apply. It is fit for sensitive skin and does not cause any irritations.

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  1. Vo-lip-tuous Lipid Lip Plumping SerumBest Lip Plumping Serum

Vo-lip-tuous Lipid Lip Plumping Serum is made with an especial formula to hydrate the lips and restore the collagen. It improves the fullness and contour of the lips by filling the creases. It moisturizes the lips and creates a volume of illusion. It is made with ceramides and polypeptides that penetrate the lips deeply to smooth out the wrinkles. The serum contains soothing emollients to protect and nourish the lips. Apply 2-3 drops serum on the lips 2-3 times a day. And you will have supple soft fatty lips.

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  1. L’Oreal Paris Anti-Aging Serum Lipstick Radiant RoseBest Lip Plumping Serum

It is a serum based lipstick with a radiant rose glamor for fuller plump lips. The lipstick contains some ingredients, like Hyaluronic Acid and Collagen to restore the firmness and density of the lip tone. This acid is featured with a re-plumping and hydrating agent to have smoother, plumper and more moisturized lips. You will have younger, more defined, more voluptuous nourished lips that won’t actually feather.

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  1. Art Naturals Natural Kiss Lip Enhancer SerumBest Lip Plumping Serum

It is a needle-free lip enlarger. It is basically a lip gloss based on serum enhancer for getting natural smooth swollen lips. It just naturally fills up your lips with a safe manner. This lip plumping serum gives you bigger, plumping, fuller luscious lips for all day long. The serum is created with natural ingredients like Shea butter and sunflower oil to soften the lip skin. Art Naturals Natural Kiss Lip Enhancer Serum is cruelty-free, paraben free and BPA material free. Apply before wearing lipstick or lip balm to have more beautiful lips. For better plumping lips, apply morning and evening.

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  1. ASDM Beverly Hills Lip Plumper SerumBest Lip Plumping Serum

It is a lip enhancer, lip plumper made with collagen and hyaluronic acid. It safely improves the lip volume to give you a soft luscious smile. The serum protects the harsh elements that are liable to cause aging signs on the lips while restoring the moisturizing level to the lips. It will reduce the fine lines, minimize the wrinkles, plump the corners and define the lip circles when you use it regularly. ASDM Beverly Hills Lip Plumper Serum contains Sodium Hyaluronate that robusts up when it comes to close the skin moisturizer and thus develops a longer boosting effect. It protects your lips from the sun rays with tripeptide that ultimately gives you fuller healthy sexier lips.

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  1. Pure Romance Perfect Pout Lip Plumping SerumBest Lip Plumping Serum

Just enjoy a cinnamon taste on your lips. You can apply it with your favorite lip gloss or lipstick. It is a pure romance for having plumping lips and gives you better curvaceous, smoother, firming lips. Wear the serum two times a day to have more plump lips. Pure Romance Perfect Pout Lip Plumping Serum contains essential oils that enhance the blood flow naturally in the lip skin – ultimate stimulating your lip figure. Apply before/after the lipstick; can be also applied overnight to get more defined lips.

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  1. Vernal Lustful Lips Plumping SerumBest Lip Plumping Serum

Have sexier, fuller plumping lips without injections. It is a triple collagen infused lip plumper. It improves lip volume, tone density, and define the lip outline. Thus it gives you a dramatic pumping pout instantly. Evens out the wrinkles caused by smoking or sun rays. And Vernal Lustful Lips Plumping Serum prevents the further formulation of fine lines, pigments or wrinkles by enhancing the newer collagen with the collagen peptides. Keeps the lips in a moisturizer and reduces the dryness, flaking or cracking. Protects your lips from the free radical damages with antioxidants, like grape seed extracts, white tea, green tea and vitamin E.

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  1. Skin Dimitri James Lip 6X Lip Amplifying SerumBest Lip Plumping Serum

In seconds, get plumper sexy bigger lips. It is a fast-working lip enhancer with the skin tone volume boosting collagen and moisturizer. You will immediately notice augmented lips with firmer lip rim tones. Skin Dimitri James Lip 6X Lip Amplifying Serum is made with some powerful lip enhancers, like vectorized peptides, pink purslane extract, hyaluronic acid, and chondroitin. All these ingredients result in instant plump natural fuller lips. Apply twice a day on the clean dry lips.

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The above-mentioned are the best lip plumping serum. Apply the serum before going to any party or your day trip to have bigger pretty lips that will like your boyfriend or your friends.

How We Pick The Product

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It’s better to note that every product does not work for everyone. The result may be varied for different skin tones, types, and conditions. So, often your dermatologist may give you the better recommendations which product you should use for your skin.


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