The 10 Best Lip Liners for 2020

Updated: January 1, 2020
Best Lip Liner

Lip liners are the thing from the 90’s. It is when lip liners were one of the most popular cosmetics and had its glorious day. Now…….. We have too much of options and ways. But, also then a good lip liner can always make your day colorful.

Lining, shaping, contouring, it can do a lot. Or just to add a new color edge. Lip liners have a variety of uses. Even some colors are so good that people go out just with lip liners on lips.

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As the fashion changes, color and textures of lipstick change as well so, lip liners never stay the same. Now there is a whole new world of lip liners with various colors and texture. 10 best lip liners of this time have been brought together just to give you a head-up in creating your own look.

The Best Lip Liner

1. L’Oréal Paris Colour Riche Lip Liner in Nudes for LifeBest Lip Liner

Use this nude lip liner to contour your lips, line them perfectly, create a fuller appearance, or to design, define and fill them. It is rich in color and has a creamy effect. L’Oréal Paris Colour Riche Lip Liner is infused with the goodness of Omega 3 and Vitamin E. You can just fill it and go out. It is a statement itself. The colors are indulging and attractive. Or after filling, apply another coat of a lipstick you like. Both will be just fine and fashionable.

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2. Jordana Easyliner Retractable Pencil for Lips in Rock N’ RoseBest Lip Liner

Try it for a smooth and easy application. There will be no tugging or pull. You do not have to rub it against your lips edge but slightly glide it over. It holds on perfectly. Look great with any color and can make extra bright, shiny, and outrageous color look more sensible and stylish. Jordana Easyliner Retractable Pencil for Lips in Rock N’ Rose will give you the look of a real bloomed rose.

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3. Palladio Lip Liner Pencil in RaspberryBest Lip Liner

This lip lining pencil is like a crayon. It is slim and it is damn easy to apply. It is retractable so no need to worry about sharpening. The color is waterproof. It will not run out of the line and will cover the whole day. Palladio Lip Liner Pencil in Raspberry has the color to make heads turn. And it’s simplicity yet effectiveness will win your heart.

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4. Milani Mechanical Lip Liner Pencil in Sugar PlumBest Lip Liner

It will give you a satin-like color and does the job in one easy smooth glide. Milani Mechanical Lip Liner Pencil in Sugar Plum is long wearing. It is expertly precise and versatile. The liner will keep your lipstick from feathering and extend their wear time. It is retractable and can be worn alone or with lipsticks and gloss. It is lip loving, contour hugging and does not let smudge ruin your look.

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5. Sorme Cosmetics Waterproof Smear Proof Lip Liner in EarthBest Lip Liner

Your lips will be hydrated with lecithin and kept supple and smooth as active botanicals vitamin C and E, and minerals will take care. It has an exclusive square shape so you can handle it with ease and control it. Sorme Cosmetics Waterproof Smear Proof Lip Liner in Earth can give that professional look you want. It is clinically proven to be age-reversing and improve your skin enhancing natural beauty.

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6. Divine Skin & Cosmetics Waterproof Gel Lip Liner in Cinnamon SugarBest Lip Liner

It is absolutely waterproof, budge-proof and kiss-proof. You can sharpen it and have your desired precision. It is gel based and can give luxurious defining lines. Shape your lips however you want. Divine Skin & Cosmetics Waterproof Gel Lip Liner in Cinnamon Sugar, go non-stop and the color is highly pigmented that gives you lavishing colors. It has a very soft and smooth formula and gives off a matte/satin finish.

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7. Smashbox Always Sharp Lip Liner in PeonyBest Lip Liner

It comes with a built in self-sharpener so you get precise lines, the shape of lips and accentuates cupid bow with every twist of the cap. The liner is long-wearing, water-resisting, and non-feathering. Smashbox Always Sharp Lip Liner in Peony will make your makeup routine easier, smarter and prettier. The color is so beautiful and alluring that your heart will melt and can go with an array of lip colors.

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8. Beauty for Real D-Fine Lip Pencil in Universal ColorBest Lip Liner

The tried and true colors of the liner will boast your true lip tone and any shade of lipstick you choose. It will match up and compliment any looks. The color is designed to be like that. Create fuller lips, enhance them and stay youthful throughout the day. Beauty for Real D-Fine Lip Pencil in Universal Color provides true colors that bring out your true lips. It has a soft creamy texture that makes the liner easily applicable.

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9. Rimmel 1000 Kisses Lip Liner in TiramisuBest Lip Liner

You get a comfortable wear that lasts up to 8 hours that does not change at all. The liner will glide on your lips making you enable to draw your lips the way you want. It does not smudge nor let your lipstick get out like the Joker. The texture is creamy and feels light on your lips. Rimmel 1000 Kisses Lip Liner in Tiramisu can make your day perfect. So, go out and kiss your life. And it is kiss-proof too.

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10. MAC Lip Pencil Soar LinerBest Lip Liner

Get all the good qualities of a liner in one pencil. The color pops lovely. It compliments a wide and various ranges of lip and lipstick colors. You can wear it with your favorite one or just alone. Matte, satin, gloss…. pick whatever you want. The consistency is great too and it just glides on your lips like butter. You will be complimented.

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How to Apply Lip Liner Perfectly

Now when you have got your favorite liner, it is time to put them on the show. Go through these details below and see how you can apply lip liner perfectly. This content covers almost everything of how you can draw that picture perfect line of you and look like a runway model ready for the cameras.


Lips should be soft and smooth for the best color and texture to come out. If you have cracks and dried out cells hanging around wearing lipstick will make them stick out further causing your lips look unkempt and ugly. So, exfoliation is needed. Lips tend to shed dry skin faster. But, be careful as an excessive and harsh way of exfoliation may cause small tears, dryness and chapped in the long run. As long as you keep your lips well hydrated and moisturized, your lips will look better.


Moisturizing is the best treatment for our skin. And also moisturizing before applying lip cosmetics make you look better as they improve the texture. Apply your favorite lip balm which is not too waxy or creamy. The balm is supposed to sink inside and heal skin not sit on top and make them slippery.


Give your moisture time to seep in. It will make the cosmetics easy to apply and color to last longer and proper. Do your rest of the makeup or anything. The expert recommendation is 20 minutes. But, if it seems way too much then wait a couple of minutes and remove the excess balm with a tissue.


Priming with a primer or applying concealer or foundation helps the color to pop out most. It will also help the color to last longer so many artist primes before applying. They also help to get the wanted shape of the day. Applying only lip liner all over the lips will also help the lipstick to stay longer without wearing off.

Choose the Liner

While choosing a liner to keep the color of the lipstick you are going in for today. Choose the color that goes with the lipstick more. And as for neutral natural looking lips, nude or soft pinks are the best choice.


A liner well sharped helps to get the best line and shapes up your lips easily. So, always begin with sharpening your liner. But, the tip should not be something that of a needle or like the mechanic pencil architectures used to write it is better if it is a bit of dull more like a carpenter’s pencil. Rub it off with a tissue so the tip is nice and fine for applying on lips and also rub it off after every contact with lips. To prevent from breaking tips while sharpening keep it in the freezer for 20 minutes before you cut it.

Warming Up

Draw the first stroke on your hands. This way your lip liner edge will be smooth and you will be able to apply it on your lips without any problem.


Parting your lips make it easier to stick to your natural shape while you line them.


Begin tracing from the center. First, take the upper lip and start from the center then line outgoing outward. Or you can start by creating an “x” mark on your cupid bow. Then go for the outlining the corners and bottom of your mouth later the rest of the lips.

It is a good option when you are filling in with lipstick. You can put dot around the lips too. And then add them along with the cupid bow’s “x”.  It is much easier and good for those who are still learning. Ensure lining the creases and cracks to prevent lipstick from bleeding.

Moving in light short stroke will help you get the line as precise as possible. Perfecting with one smooth movement is not easy and it needs experience. It has the chance to mess up so take small steps with precautions so that you do not mess up and waste time. If the liner gets hard and tugs try, warming it up by rolling between thumb and index finger or drawing on the back of your hand. Sharpening may also help.


The choice is yours if you want to fill your lips with lipstick or liner or gloss. For getting a natural look, you can just blend your liner in and add a transparent gloss if you wish for. Only adding a liner to your natural lips will give you your own fashion statement.

Illustrating Your Lips Larger

Apply concealer on your lips and the surrounding area. This trick will help to blur out your original lip line and will hold your liner and lipstick for a longer period of time. Now step just outside beyond your natural lip line to make your lip look natural either it may look funny.

If you want them significantly larger then you are better off with the two-toned method where your liner is slightly one tone deeper than your lipstick. But, regardless of what you do make sure that you return to your natural lip line as you come near the corners. If not you will be The Joker!

Now when you apply lipstick to make a thick layer of it and keep a safe gap between the lipstick and the liner as you will be blending them in near future. By using a brush blend in. Run any finger back and forth to smooth out any remaining hard lines. For a slightly graded look, keep your edges dark and lighter plump center. By adding gloss or shimmery powder in the center of the bottom lip, it will be plumper.

One note, darker colors, and matte can make lips look smaller.

Illustrating Your Lips Smaller

Do just like before this time draw slightly inside your natural lip line. Once done with lining and filling get rid of stray lines and colors with kleenex or cotton swab. Then apply foundation or concealer to hide further.


Practice makes a man perfect. So, follow these tips and keep on practicing, may be by you or with friends and family. Get your better half if needed. Explore your lips and find out how many colors you can pull off. Match lip liner colors and lipstick colors and make your own new style. Bring out the diva in you.

Here is a tip for those who love to make another look pretty. Work at from a 45-degree angle. This makes working easier, says Kari Bauce the head makeup artist at HuffPost lives.

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