Lip Care in Winter: Ultimate Tips to Keep Your Lips Soft

Updated: September 26, 2019
lip care in winter for dry lips
Are you ready for a desirable kiss or crinkle up your lips by the fireplace in this winter? Probably, you are not. Because the winter takes a lot from your lips. The cold wind of winter damages your lips making them dry, cracked or chapped. You feel constant pain, flaking, and peeling.

You may feel bleeding from your lips in winter if the lips remain chapped severely. You cannot even dab your favorite lipstick because of the uneven lips.

Think what you can do? The best way is taking an especial lip care in winter. A good routine to take care of your lips can release you from the pain during this cold season.

What Actually Worsens Your Lips in Winter

Normally, the lip skin is the most sensitive part of the body. Besides, the lips have no oil glands to keep them moisturized. So, a little harshness can dry out, chap or damage the lips. The dry wind is the main reason for chapping the lips in winter. Other reasons are:

Lip balm containing alcohol, retinol, & menthol; not removing lipstick or lip makeup during sleeping; lip care products with chemical elements; intake of much alcohol; excessive use of lipsticks, body dehydration, lip licking, lip touching or lip biting, aging, etc.

See all causes of dark lips, and if you do not treat them properly; your lips may be set up on cold sores, bacterial infections, and other serious conditions.

An Effective Lip Care Routine for This Winter

Lip care in winter is not only essential for getting a beautiful appearance, but also for retaining a good lip health. Chapped, scaly, or peeling lips are the signs of unhealthiness. The worsened lips also affect your pretty smile. Finally, you lose your confidence.

The dream of getting silky smooth, moisturized lips during this winter will be true if you follow the guides below.

1. Protect Outside & Inside Harmful Stuff

First, you need to lock up the things from the outside and inside that are causing your lips dry. You can use a humidifier to balance your atmosphere at home. Be aware of the sun, use a lip balm while getting out.

2. Cover Up Your Face

Wrap your face with a piece of cloth or scarf when you go out in the harsh wind. It will hinder the cold air to the face.

3. Take Lots of Fluids

Dehydration is a big reason for dry lips. So, you have to stay hydrated always. Take at least 8 glasses of water a day. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables that contain fluids or water. It makes your lips nourished, hydrated and moisturized.

4. Don’t Go Outside If Not Necessary

It is better to stay inside if you have not urgent appointment. It helps you to avoid the bitterly cold, dry or harsh weather.

5. Take Sufficient Vitamin B

For lack of vitamin B, you may be encountered by dry painful lips. Talk to your doctor to identify your vitamin B level. If it is lower than the normal, he may suggest you take vitamin B supplements or Vitamin B rich foods, like Swiss cheese, skim milk, eggs, silken tofu, fortified cereals, and red meat.

6. Don’t Stay on Smoking

If your lips are chapped prone to wintery weather, you must avoid smoking because it accelerates the lips more chapping. Quitting smoking restores your previous pretty and bright lips. If it is not possible for you to stop smoking, you can read “Allen Carr’s Easy Way to Stop Smoking”. This book guides you to quit smoking easily and permanently.

7. Use Natural Lip Balm

In winter, consider a natural lip balm as your best friend. The lip balm protects your lips from the sun, dry and cold wind. Use at least SPF 15 or above.

Keep a lip balm always with you. When you go outside, just take one stroke. Whenever you feel dryness even slightly, apply it. Before sleeping, take another dab of your favorite lip balm. It helps to fit the lips for the whole day. The best idea is to use Blistex lip balm. It is as solid as a natural moisturizer. If you do not find any Blistex, you can use Burt’s Bees Beeswax lip balm, or Boots lip care.


In buying lip balm, consider the following things to be with your balm:

  • Long lasting moisturizing effect
  • Glycerin
  • Vitamin E
  • Shea Butter
  • Coconut oil
  • Jojoba oil
  • Beeswax
  • Aloe Vera
  • Vitamin A and D

8. Don’t Lick the Lips

In winter, your lips become dried up in a minute and you feel to lick your lips because most of us think that licking moisturizes the lips. But, it dries the lips more and tends to like lips frequently that will damage your lips severely. So, you need to avoid it. Take a pocket lip balm always to take a touch on your lips whenever they feel chapping.

9. Set Up Humidifier in Your Rooms

In winter, both the inside and the outside environments remain with full of dry and cold air. Set up a humidifier in your home and another one can be placed in your workplace. It gives you equal safety for your lips. Some heaters have attachment humidifiers, change your heater to the humidifier. It will keep the right warmth in the air of your room.

10. Use Vitamin E Capsule Oil

Vitamin E is a quality lip moisturizer and it removes the tanning from your lips within few days. Buy Royal Jelly vitamin E capsule. Extract the oil from one and apply that on your lips daily before sleeping. Thus, you will get brighter and smoother lips.

The Higher Elevation, the Drier Wind

In this situation, take special care of your lips because, at higher elevations, both the sun and the wind are drier, thinner and colder. Use a lip balm with sunscreen that can protect your lips from both the sun and the wind.

How to Fix Up Lipstick in Winter?

It is very common to use lipstick. And now, no women dare to go out without wearing lipstick. A woman consumes around 4 to 9 pounds of lipsticks during her lifetime if she applies lipstick daily. All these may be common, but it affects the lip much. The prolonged use of lipstick creates darkness, dryness and aging signs on the lips fast.

Don’t use lipstick during winter if not necessary. Rather, wear lip balm with lip color formula. If necessary, try to use moisturizing lipstick. Or use creamy lipstick instead of matte finish lip color. Nowadays, the lipsticks are available also with moisturizer and SPF protection. You can try them.

The best way is, first moisturize your lips with a balm, and then apply your favorite lipstick. It lets your lips stayed smooth all day long.

And, don’t forget to remove lipstick or other lip makeup before going to bed.

Is It Right to Scrub Your Lips in Winter?

Scrubbing is a nice idea to get rid of the chapped, dry, dead or peeling skin of the lips. So, the lips look fresher, newer and evener. You can use natural ingredients as exfoliators. Such as- the combination of sugar and honey exfoliates the lips well. And product based scrubs are also effective enough.

“However, WebMD suggests not to scrub the dry lips because it makes the lips harsher, drier and more chapped. Rather, you should use an ointment or lip balm, and set up a humidifier in your home and office.”

Then, what you can do………

I personally don’t scrub my lips in winter. I just remove the dry skin of the lips rubbing with the fingers. I do it daily before brushing my teeth at morning. Of course, before going to bed, I leave some pure honey on my lips. The lips absorb the honey over the night and are softened for the entire day. Honey helps to peel off the dry skin easily.

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Lip Care in Winter by the U.S. National Library of Medicine

They gave an effective prescription to take care of your lips the cold season. It is also like my tips. You can see them too.

  • Take lots of fluids to hydrate your skin.
  • Use petroleum jelly or beeswax lip balm to protect the lips.
  • Use a humidifier at your places to prevent the wind drying up.
  • Wear sunscreen in the sun exposure.
  • Avoid unnecessary movements in the sun and the wind.

Home Remedies Also Usable to Soothe Dry Lips

The most effective lip care is to use home remedies. They are cheap, available and healthy. If you use natural ingredients or home remedies, you won’t need to use the lipstick or moisturizer. By using natural remedies, you can get luscious, soft and fresh moisturized lips even during the cold season or dry wind. See some home remedies below:

  • Rose Water
  • Glycerin
  • Honey
  • Lemon Juice
  • Sugar Scrub
  • Cucumber
  • Green Tea Bags
  • Jojoba Oil
  • Ghee
  • Coconut Oil

Check out all home remedies for dry, chapped lips.

In this severe cold winter, you can also get super smooth, pretty lips if you follow the above lip care tips. You cannot always avoid stepping outside or cold weather that is equally harmful to all. So, to keep your lips fit, you must strictly follow the lip care in winter. If any products, natural ingredients or another thing can irritate or create an allergic reaction; you should avoid it, and try to use another one.

Even if, your lips would not be better, you should go to your dermatologist.

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