10 Best Facial Cleansers for Combination Skin

Updated: September 26, 2019
best facial cleanser for combination skin

Maybe the combination skin is the hardest type.

If you feel both the dry and oily skin on some particular areas, you must have the combination skin. This skin has an oily T-zone area along the forehead down to the nose and chin. These areas are oily and on the cheeks, you may feel dry to flaky.

That means you can be experienced with the acne while you are experiencing the dry skin in some regions.

The cleansing is the most important for combination skin. You need such a facial cleanser that can remove the excess oil from the t-zone and also moisturize the dry zone.

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Don’t waste your time. I made it easy for you. I found out some cleansers for combination facial skin. Only for the combination skin!!! Well, let’s see –

The Best Facial Cleanser for Combination Skin

  1. Struck Studio Facial Cleanser for Combination Skinbest facial cleanser for combination skin

It is a cleanser and wash for combination skin, also usable for oily and normal skin. This face cleanser is made with organic and natural ingredients, like vitamin C, green tea, activated charcoal, aloe Vera, etc. Made in the USA. And no parabens, no animal cruelty, no SLS, no gluten, or no dyes. Struck Studio Facial Cleanser slows down the aging process by hydrating, purifying, and detoxifying the skin. It is a powerful and gentle cleanser for combination skin. Usable both for women, men, and teens. Organic orange peels, olive oils, and coconut oils will give you an invigorating and fresh scent.

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  1. Biore Combination Facial Skin Balancing Cleanserbest facial cleanser for combination skin

The Skin Purifying Technology fulfills the necessity of the combination skin. This cleanser gives you a clean, evened skin tone without taking out the skin’s natural moisture. Use daily to pamper your combination skin. One customer said about Biore Combination Skin Balancing Cleanser that she used to apply a popular cleanser, but it was hard to cleanse off. And used to make her face a little bit dry. She saw a new promotion of Biore cleanser. She thought she might try it. Now she is using Biore facial cleanser for her combination skin and it smells like a coconut oil that she likes more.

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  1. Pevonia Botanica Combination Facial Skin Cleanserbest facial cleanser for combination skin

It is a luxurious spa product facial cleanser for combination skin made with organic skin care ingredients. This cleanser is effective enough for the t-zone oily skin areas and even for the sensitive to normal skin. Pevonia Botanica Combination Skin Cleanser cleans the oily t-zone areas and other impurities completely. To cleanse your face and neck, use this cleanser in the morning and night. Apply some cleanser on your face and neck, then massage with the fingertips. Use a sponge or washcloth to cleanse off the residue with warm water. Finally, apply an alcohol-free moisturizer for the better combination skin.

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  1. Garnier Clean+ Purifying Cleansing Foam for Combination Skinbest facial cleanser for combination skin

It does not dry out your skin but cleanses and purifies the skin completely. It is made with pomegranate juice, grapefruit, and other antioxidants to make your skin balanced and soft. Garnier Clean+ minimizes the excess oil on your face and do the customized cleansing for specific combined skin zone. This facial cleanser gives you a refreshed, soft and better skin in just one week.

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  1. Beauty by Earth Facial Cleanser for Combination and Oily Skinbest facial cleanser for combination skin

It is made in the USA, usable both for women and men. You can use it daily for your combination skin. Also applicable for normal, oily, mature, sensitive and acne prone skin. It is a gentle gel formulated facial cleanser with natural and organic ingredients, Sea Kelp and super fruits for a better, safe and healthy skin. Beauty by Earth Facial Cleanser will cleanse the makeup, dirt and oil completely and give you radiant, clean, youthful glowing skin. This face cleanser also contains vitamins, antioxidants, and nutrients that will make your face skin improved.

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  1. Olay Deeply Clean 4-in-1 Water Activated Cleansing Clothsbest facial cleanser for combination skin

It is another best facial cleanser for combination skin. Also usable for oily skin. 4 in 1 means – cleanser: cleanses the dirt and makeup; toner: removes and neutralizes oils to unclog the pores; mask: moisturizes with the Olay hydration and scrub: exfoliates the dead skin cells. Olay Deeply Clean 4-in-1 is not just a basic face wash, but it removes the makeup, dirt, and oil 2x better. This pack contains 66 cleansing cloths. Makes your skin texture smooth and dry-cells free. This face cleanser contains soap-free formula, and Beta-Hydroxy. And it is tested by the dermatologist. Eliminates the impurities and tones the skin.

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  1. Mary Kay TimeWise 3-in-1 Cleanser for Combination and Oily Skinbest facial cleanser for combination skin

3 in 1 that goes to freshen up, exfoliate and cleanse your skin in just one wash. This cleanser fights the aging process. It is a lathering cleanser that washes away the excess oil from the oily to combination skin. Then makes the skin balanced, cleansed and soft. As a result, you will feel younger looking face. Mary Kay TimeWise 3-in-1 Cleanser is usable twice a day to get smooth, nourished and refreshed skin. A customer said that she has been using Mary Kay products since she was at the 20s. Now she feels great the Timewise cleanser for her aging skin. She started to use this cleanser at her 40s and she yet looks prettier.

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  1. Clarins Paris Gentle Foaming Cleanser Combination to Normal Skinbest facial cleanser for combination skin

It comes with Cottonseed cleansers. It is as effective as a soap and as gentle as a cleaning milk bar. This facial cleanser is formulated for the needs of all skin types, but particularly especial for combination and oily skin. It creates a refreshing lightweight lather rinsing with water and does not make the skin dry. Clarins Paris Gentle Foaming Cleanser does not irritate the face skin but removes the excess oil and impurities completely. It contains some fatty acids and coconut oils that will make your skin protected, refreshed, and radiant.

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  1. Carapex Botanical Facial Cleanserbest facial cleanser for combination skin

It is a wonderful facial cleanser for combination skin, sensitive skin, oily skin, dry skin, acne prone skin and aging skin. It contains no scent and made with a natural formula. Removes the makeup, grime and dirt completely. Carapex Botanical Facial Cleanser contains the Japanese green tea, chamomile, cucumber, and aloe Vera to soothe, tighten and make the skin younger. Just a moisturizing cleansing, not drying effect on the face with the creamy mixture of sugar beets, corn and coconut oil. It calms down the face skin with no redness. Made in Canada and no fragrance, no paraben, no SLS and no alcohol.

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  1. Apsara Skin Care Neem Facial Cleanser for Combination Skinbest facial cleanser for combination skin

Removes the oil from the T-zone. Thus prevents the breakout of the acne. It is sulfate free and Ph balanced facial wash for the combination skin. It cleanses the skin deeply and balances the skin texture. Apsara Neem Facial Cleanser soothes the face skin and discourages the drying effect. The Neem, it is a quality skin care herb for the healthy skin. It helps to reduce the presence of the unclogged pores. Besides Neem, this face cleanser also contains eucalyptus and vetiver that fulfills the needs of your combination skin with the concern of T-zone and unclogged pores. Neem basically pacifies and calms down the skin.

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Don’t bother your face with random cleansers. Otherwise, it may cause critical problems on your face. And I hope, the above ‘best facial cleanser for combination skin’ will help you to keep your skin perfect and clean with no oiliness or dryness.

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