10 Best Dark Lips Treatment Products for Bright and Soft Pout

Updated: September 26, 2019

It is difficult to find out the best dark lips treatment products out of thousands. But, I made it easy. I researched many products to treat dark lips. But, I found the below 10 ones are best and they have also many positive customer reviews.

Your lips may be dark for many reasons, such as- smoking, sun rays or naturally you might have black lips. Hope, the products below will help you lot to lighten your dark lips that you are acquired.

The best dark lips treatment products to lighten the darkness, dark spots, and wrinkles from lips

1. Matcha Moisturizing Sleeping Lip Mask BalmBest dark lips treatment products

Made with green tea. Best suited for dark, dry and chapped lips. Heals the lips overnight. Makes the lips younger-looking and bright soft. It will rejuvenate your lips while you are sleeping. Get hydrated and protected lips all day long. This lip lightening product contains coconut oil, vitamin E and other natural extracts to heal damaged and dry lips. No odor scent, just natural green tea flavor. No sticky formula and keeps the lips soft and pink for hours.

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2. Juicy Skin Care Kis-su Pink Lip Treatment (Full Review)Best Dark Lips Treatment Products

Juicy Skin Care Kis-su Pink is a reliable and trusted product for dark lips. This product mainly treats dark lips and nipples and turns them into a pink color. It is made in Thailand and they used natural extracts. Dark and dull lips will become bright and smooth. Your lips will be natural pink if you use the product daily.

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3. Mistine Bb Natural Pink Magic LipBest Dark Lips Treatment Products

Mistine Bb Natural Pink Magic is another good one for treating black lips. It is also made in Thailand and a patented treatment for dark lips. It is a 100% natural product for lip care. If you treat your lips with this product, you must have a natural pinkish and Sheer Floral tone of your brown lips. It is a no-risk and safe product for daily use.

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4. Biotique Bio Fruit Whitening Lip Balm (Full Review)Best Dark Lips Treatment Products

Biotique Bio Fruit Whitening Lip Balm is for them who want to lighten and moisturize their lips just with a single product. It is ideal lip care both for men and women having dark lips. Biotique Bio lip balm contains minerals, vitamins, nutrients, and skin lightening properties. If you use it regularly, your lips will be rejuvenated, youthful, and plump. This lip balm is made with some unique natural ingredients that are active enough to remove the darkness of your lips.

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5. Rouge Lipstick Sephora Collection SeduceBest Dark Lips Treatment Products

It is a great product for pigmented lips. The lipstick is developed with a higher hydrating effect that helps you to hold fuller hydrated lips all day long. Its creamy texture shines and softens your lips, and leaves a sheer touch of bright pink color.

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6. Mistine Rosy Tint & Lip Color StickBest Dark Lips Treatment Products

If you are looking for an effective stick to treating your black lips, Mistine Rosy Tint & Lip Color Stick is right for you. It dabs your lips with a natural pinkish or reddish patch. Enjoy fuller, pretty, and healthy lips throughout the day. Apply it daily onto your lips & cheeks, and no harmful ingredients are added to this product.

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7. Goochie Brand 7 Days Magic Pink UpBest Dark Lips Treatment Products

The USA Cosmetology scientists developed this product after a long time testing. It is a trusted treatment for black lips and nipples. Your lips will get a brighter and reddish tone. This product regenerates muscle, reduces wrinkles, prevents melanin production, and gets rid of dead skin cells. After the use of 3 days, the discoloration vanishes away and after 7 days, a significant bright and reddish color will be noticeable. Apply it twice a day.

8. Dark Lips Magic CreamBest Dark Lips Treatment Products

Dark Lips Magic is a proven treatment for natural black or brown lips. It treats the age lines and melasma. If you are a smoker, it is a good remedy for you. Apply this cream twice or thrice a day and notice a remarkable reddish color in 7 days. The best result you will get if you use this product before bedtime.

9. Lighten Up Lightening Lip BalmBest Dark Lips Treatment Products

Lighten Up Lightening Lip Balm is a nice product to treat dry, dark or chapped lips. It cures the dry skin and moisturizes it greatly, but does not look greasy. It smells sweet and brightens the pigmented dark lips. It gets rid of dead or dry cells and removes the age lines. The smokers can feel good because it is effective to reduce the smoke stains. Use it 2-3 times a day, the best result you will get if you use before bedtime. Thus, you will have fresh, tender, pinkish, and youthful lips.

10. Laetitia Dark Lips Cream (Full Review)Best Dark Lips Treatment Products

Laetitia is one of the best treatments for dark, or even for black lips. They guarantee you will get natural pinkish and fresh lips just in 4 weeks. You can use it one or three times a day. Probably, Laetitia is the most effective, proven product to remove dark patches and spots. They offer a money-back guarantee if it will not work. So, you can try it once.


Hope, already you have got your favorite product to treat your dark lips. Continue using and notice real pink color lips. If you like the above dark lips treatment products; you can share them with others. Or if you use another product to treat your black lips, you can write it in the comment. It will also help others.

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