6 Best Dark Lips Treatment Creams to Brighten Lips

Updated: September 26, 2019
best dark lips treatment cream
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Dark lips treatment cream is for them who have got black lips from their some bad habits or some other things, like smoking, UV rays, caffeine, dryness, chapping, winter, warm wind, etc.

I will introduce you 6 best creams for treating your dark lips. These creams are not only lip lighteners but also provide some extra benefits (softness, smoothness, suppleness, dry-free) for having beautiful, reddish, and attractive lips.

These creams will lighten your dark lips, treat the dryness, moisturize your pout greatly, remove dark spots on the lips, reduce age spots, and protect your lips from all harmful elements.

There are lots of creams for dark lips, but the quality products are few. I made it easy for you. I researched and found out just 6 creams to treat your dark, discolored or pigmented lips.

The best dark lips treatment creams to make the lips bright, soft and healthy

1. Godiva Lip Lightening Cream (Full Review)Dark Lips Treatment Cream

The Godiva Lip Lightener is a multipurpose cream for lips. If your lips are dark for smoking, it works nicely. If your lips are cracked or burnt for sun rays or wind, it moisturizes the lips greatly. Within 2 weeks, you will get reddish and pinkish color lips, but after one week you will start a great difference.

The cream is also effective for the nipples. You know, nipples become dark hugely for breastfeeding and other things. It takes time to get back the natural color automatically. You can have bright nipples like teenagers by using this lightener.

2. Meladerm Skin Lightening CreamDark Lips Treatment Cream

Meladerm Skin Lightening Cream is a good product for removing black spots, discolored skin tone, scars and hyperpigmented skin, including darkness on the lips. You will notice a whitening shade in just 2 weeks. This cream does not contain any harmful ingredients, like steroids, parabens, and hydroquinone. So, you can apply this cream to your most sensitive skin with safer effectiveness.

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3. SPF 15 Sun Protection Lightning Pink Lip Creambest cream for dark lips treatment

It is a great cream for black lips treatment. The cream is made with the collagen-building glucosamine complex at an advanced level. This formula rejuvenates the skin by generating natural collagen.

So, natural and fresh cells will enliven. It is also possible to get rid of the wrinkles and fine lines on your lips. Besides, a great moisturizer effect is a bonus throughout the day.

4. NuLips Lip Lightening BalmDark Lips Treatment Cream

NuLips Lip Lightening cream is the best for them who have dark lips from caffeine, like tea, coffee or even for smoking. The product is formulated with active vitamin C that is credible enough to reduce the black hue of the skin from the inside.

Apply NuLips and have a gorgeous day with moistening your lips. To get the best pinkish lips, apply the cream after exfoliating them (see how to exfoliate your lips). After smoking, clean up your lips and dab some NuLips. Before smoking, you can take the cream because it protects the lips from leaving stains.

5. Lip-Lightening Cream for Dark Lips White DoctorsDark Lips Treatment Cream

White Doctors Lip Lightener is not just a cream; it treats your lips deeply. White Doctors removes the black lips, leaves a pink tint on the lips, makes the lip moisturized, prevents from cracking, makes your lips ultimate seductive, gives smoothness from irritation or redness, and soothes the lips from the sunburn.

This product can be also used for brightening and repairing the hand and heel skin. It is a product approved by the anti-counterfeiting stamp of the Ministry of Public Security.

6. Dark Lips Magic CreamDark Lips Treatment Cream

Dark Lips Magic Cream is to reduce the hyperpigmentation on the lips acquired by sun rays, smoking, etc. It is a remedy for removing aging signs and melasma.

Anyone over 12 years can use this Cream. It inhibits the melanin production that mainly causes dark tone. It vanishes the black spots from the upper lips and the corners of the lower lips.

If you are a smoker, it is an excellent treatment for you to remove the dark stain. Better bright lips you will have if you apply it before going to bed at night. This cream is usable 2-3 times a day if you want pinkish lips rapidly.

Note: You will not get reddish lips overnight as you did not get dark lips. To get pinkish lips, you have to use the above dark lips treatment cream as the direction and wait for the prescribed time. Then, you must get pretty and sexy lips.

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If you need more information about the dark lips treatment cream, you can search them individually on Google. If you have any new or different cream, you can share it in the comment. It will be helpful for others.

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  1. From where will I get all these lip cream any site or anything else ..bcoz it’s not available on Amazon btw I’m from India kindly help so can purchase it .Thanku -Allahafiz

    • Hi Amer,
      Are your lips dark from birth or naturally? If it is so, then any product cannot lighten your lips?

      If your lips became dark due to smoking or any other reasons, then using product can help you.

      You can use anyone from the above list because all are quality products.

      Thank you

  2. Hi there are spots on my lips. when I was 6 years old my whole body had spots due to measles but as I recovered all other spots o my body was removed naturally.Now I am 18 years old but still have spots on my lips.so suggest me some cream or some sort of remedy to remove these spots

  3. Hi I’m gontse my mouth is very very back I need help to remove this black mouth I always have to put lip gloss not to see by people with black mouth I’m begging in JESUS name I need help

  4. I have pink lips in my childhood.Due to licking of lips,my lips got very black and dry.which cream I have to use for lightening or get my pink lips back?

  5. My upper lips is darker than my lower lips . It just happens not too long . What should I used ??? Please help me !

    • Hi Elaine,
      It may be for dryness of the winter. Keep your lips always moisturized with a lip balm. Apply some Vaseline petroleum jelly onto the lips before sleeping at night and in the morning rub the lips. It will remove the dead skin cells and lips will look pink.

      You can also exfoliate your lips with few drops of lemon juice with some honey. Do it 2 times a week. It will remove dead skin cells and also lighten the dark lips with lemon juice. and honey will soften the lips.

      Hope, this will work.

  6. Hai my name is arun iam 18 years old my lips are black . Gentic black on lips how to remove my lips black please help me iam worried about my lip black

    • Hi Arun,
      Sorry to say you that it is not possible to lighten dark lips from genetic. But, you can use some home remedies that can beautify and shine your lips.

      Such as – you can rub your lips with some honey and lemon juice. You can do it 2-3 times a week. Rub the lips just one minute and very softly. It will get rid of the dead and dull skin cells of the lips and thus lip look brighter.

      You can use some olive oil on the lip before going to bed. It will moisturize your lips. Don’t smoke. It will darken the lips more.


    • Hi Angel,
      You can use any lip lightening cream from this list.

      Besides, you can use a mixture of lemon juice and honey. Rub this mixture on your lips for one minute daily once. It will reduce the dark pigmentation from your lips.

      Have a nice day

    • No, it is not actually possible to remove dark lips forever if your lips are dark naturally or birth.

      Buy, if you acquired dark lips for smoking, sun rays, prolonged use of lipstick, then you can remove your dark lips with some home remedies, like honey and lemon juice.

      Rub your lips with some lemon juice and honey for one minute and then cleanse your lips off and apply a natural lip balm.

      Best of luck


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