best dark lips creams

16 Best Dark Lips Creams

Use these lip lightening creams if your lips have been dark due to smoking, sunburn, dryness or any other reasons.

Last Updated: February 17, 2017

The main purpose of a dark lip cream is to moisturize the lips, remove/reduce the darkness/dark spots of the lips, and protect the lips from being dry.

And this combination gives you beautiful, luscious, pinkish and bright natural lips.

It is not difficult to get such a dark lip cream that containing these 3 features at a time.

In this article, I will show you 16 best dark lips creams. You can also use these lighteners, for dark nipples or other dark private areas that you want to whiten.

Before taking a look at them, you should know why your lips become dark/ black/brown/discolored. Two facts are related to darkening the lips, such as your skin color and your habits.

If your skin type is deep (means dark), naturally you have dark lips. The people of Africa, Afro-America, South-Asia, India, and some other Middle-East and Asian people have dark lips for their dark skin.

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Your habit means smoking, moving in the huge sun exposure, not protecting your lips from dryness, taking excessive caffeine, etc. These can turn your lips darker to even black. Most of the smokers grow dark lips gradually.

Anyway, if you want to get rid of dark lips, you have to give up your bad habits. Stopping smoking is important to have pinkish or bright lips. You can also use some home remedies that are useful to lighten dark lips.

Now let’s see the main topic.

The Best Dark Lips Creams

Besides giving up your bad habits, there are also other solutions, like cream, balm, lipstick, moisturizer, etc. But, you have to pick up the products according to your skin complexion.

Well, here I gave you the dark lips cream that you can use assuredly to lighten, soften and protect your lips because I collected them based on dark skin tone and quality measurement.

Then, take a look at the best dark lips cream or lightener.

1. Pink Madison Advancing Skin Care Whitening MaskBest Dark Lips Cream

Pink Madison Mask is a skin whitening and a lightening cream for all sensitive skin, including face, lips, hands, armpits, knees, vaginal lines, elbows, thighs and other private skin. It is a gentle, natural skin bleacher that reduces the dark spots and brightens the dark skin. Pink Madison Skin Whitening Cream is much popular with the Korean and Japanese women. They get 100% skin lightening effects. So, if your lips are dark, you can try it.

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2. Avene Cold Cream Lip Balmdark lips cream

It is formulated with emollient lip care and Avène Thermal spring water, recommended by the dermatologist across the world. Avene Cold Cream Lip Balm is an immediate protection and relief for your cracked, flaky, chapped or dry lips that eventually causes dark lips if untreated.

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3. South Beach Skin Lightening Gel for Sensitive Areasbest cream for dark lips

South Beach Skin Lightening Cream is effective enough to lighten the sensitive skin, such as the face, lips, nipples, vaginal skin, anal points and other private areas. It is a safe and gentle cream, not containing any harmful chemicals. Its highly advanced and naturally developed formula reduces your dark skin and blends them with your natural skin tone that looks younger.

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4. Bioglo Instant Pink Lip and Nipple Cream (Full Review)best dark lips cream

If your lips are darker and duller, you can try it to reestablish naturally youthful and pink tints on your lips and nipples. Bioglo Cherry Instant Pink Lip Cream is developed with plant-based natural and safe formula that lightens your dark skin in a few seconds. Bioglo Cherry treats and restores your black lips beyond your expectation.

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5. Cherry Pink Lips & Nipples Cream (Full Review)dark lips cream

Cherry Pink Lips Cream gives a natural pink tone on your dull, dark and pale lips that will look alluring. It reduces the discoloration and prevents the future darkening. This cream safeguards your lips from dryness, flaking or chapping. It puts stayed your lips soft and moisturized all day long. Cherry Pink Cream also reduces the wrinkles or fine lines. Thus, your lips will be more youthful, beautiful and pinker.

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6. Jaowying Beauty Jujub Pink Lip and Nipple Cream (Full Review)dark lips lightener

It is a certified lip cream by FDA Thailand. Jaowying Beauty Jujub Instant Pink Lip Cream contains Vitamin E, Morus Alba Leaf Extract, Vitamin B3, Wild Cherry and various Antioxidants. These ingredients protect, nourish, and hydrate your lips. It makes your dark lips pink and reduces the fine lines or wrinkles. You can also use it for cheek and nipple lightening. Beauty Jujub lip cream restores and takes care of your dark lips intensively. No more dryness too!!!

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7. Avene Cold Cream Lip Creamdark lips cream

Dryness commonly causes dark lips. And Avene Cold Cream gives you an instant relief from drying or chapping up your lips. It softens and soothes the lip skin. It’s hypoallergenic, long lasting, antioxidant and sheer formula provides your lips a safe and protective influence.

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8. La Prairie Anti-Aging Eye/Lip Contour Creambest dark or black lips cream

La Prairie Anti-Aging Eye/Lip Contour Cream reduces the number of dark circles, dark spots, dark shade, fine lines, and wrinkles. It slows down the oxidation risk. Thus, your lips start to be lighter.

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9. Caudalie Polyphenol C15 Anti-Wrinkle Eye/Lip Creamlips and eyes cream for dark spots correcting

It is an ophthalmologist and dermatologist recommended product. Caudalie Polyphenol C15 is an anti-wrinkle, anti-fatigue cream for lips and eyes that grow dark shadow on/around. This double-action gel cream minimizes wrinkles, fine lines and removes the appearance of dark circles or color. Your lips and eyes get instantly moisturized, smooth and tightening.

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10. 1 Week Mayfair Pink Nipple & Lip Creamdark lips and nipples lightening cream

Entering into the skin deep, 1 Week Mayfair Pink Nipple & Lip Cream lightens dark skin & spots of your lips and nipples. With its regular use, your dark lips will be freshly pink, soft and darkness never back. And all these will be for having a natural formula containing Salicylic Acid that mainly bleaches skin.

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11. Eye Med Beauty DIY Lasting Peach Color Magic Creamdark nipples and lips lighteners

If you want brighter lips and nipples, Eye Med Beauty Color Sexy Magic can be a good product for you. It has two 2pcs, one is for the night and another is for daytime. The combination of these two formulas helps you to remove the dark skin and dark spots of your lips. It penetrates deeply and brightens the skin from the root.

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12. AFY Lip, Private Part, Nipple Bleaching & Whitening Fresh up Pinkish CreamPrivate skin whitening cream

AFY Lip Whitening Cream contains Sakura that has vitamin A, B, and E. These vitamins refresh, and lighten your dark lips, but not irritate them at all. To get prompt results, you should use it twice a day- morning and night.

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13. AFY Lip, Nipple, Private Parts Whitening & Lightening Magic Creamdark lips and nipples lightener

AFY Magic Cream pinkens up, protects and nourishes your dark lips. Other private areas, including nipples, areolas, armpits, vaginal areas, anal lines, and pussy you can lighten by this bleaching cream. All ingredients are herbal and safe, no side effects and not added chemicals. If you use regularly, your dark lips and nipples will be apparently fresh, tender and pink.

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14. Mistine Vit E Lighting Lip Treatment SPF30 Pa++ Vitamin Elip lightening cream

Mistine Vit E Lighting Lip Treatment is a high-quality lip cream for dark, dull, discolored or pale lips. It not only lightens your lips but also protects them from UVA/UVB by its double sun protection, also resists the further darkening.

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15. Juicy Skin Care Kis-su Lip & Pink Nipple Treatment Cream (Full Review)Gel cream to make lips pink

Kis-su Lip Treatment Cream will help you to remove your dark lips and nipples. It contains natural based elements that brighten your lips with continuous use and turns your dull, discolored and pale lips alive and vibrant. Its Alpha Arbutin extract gets rid of the brown lips making them soft and pinkish.

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16. Benars Cherry Pink Lips Nipple Creampink lips and pink nipples cream

Benars Cherry Pink lightens up the dark lips by reducing the melanin pigments. With the daily use of it, your lips will be reddish, tender, sexy, plump, and moisturized.

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Lastly, I tell you, if your lips are dark, you can try any one of the above best dark lips cream. Hope, you will be able to reduce the darkness and get brighter sexy lips.

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