10 Best Aphrodisiac Essential Oils to Boost Romance, Love, Sex, and Libido

Updated: September 25, 2019
best aphrodisiac essential oil to boost romance

With a busy life and lack of time love has become optional and most of the time unaffordable. I mean when is there a bit of spare time to sit and talk with the person who matters the most in your life? The list of the best aphrodisiac essential oils will rescue you.

Then at the end of the day? Tired, irritated and disinterested. We can’t really blame anyone. It is the life now. That is why we can take help from this liquids to revive our love life.

For centuries these oils have been proved to do what they have claimed. Your romance will surely bloom and your love of life will vow to never will side. As you know, wear a perfume whenever you want to be kissed.

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1. Rosebest aphrodisiac essential oil to boost romance

The role has played the role of romance and confession for a long time now. No other flower or symbol has described love or affection better that this queen or flowers. Same goes for its fragrance. There is something in its fragrance that triggers a special point of your mind making you feel more lovely and affectionate and if I may add, active.

Its essential oil is often called the oil of love. It activates your ability to receive love and strength. It increases your confidence, reduces feeling fear or unworthiness. It can make you love yourself. And when you do so, you can love anyone with an open heart.

The fragrance of essential rose oil stirs up one’s desire, self-esteem, lifts depressive states, cure grieves, stress and nervous tensions, detoxifies and purifies the blood, improves digestion, blood circulation, uterine function and increases semen production.

It also has the hormonal benefits of supporting menstruation, reduces PMS severity, delays menopause onset and prevents menopausal symptoms. It prevents and treats amenorrhea. Amenorrhea is the absence of menstruation. As well as limits and treats Dysmenorrhea (painful menstruation) by reducing spasms in the uterus.

Rose oil is extremely expensive though. That is why there are many deceiving brands in the market. But, Essential Oil Labs Rose Oil is worth the money, and a single drop is enough to set the mood.

2. Patchouli

Patchouli has a very strong but slightly sweet intoxicating smile. It can be described as a dark, musky and earthy aroma that reminds you of the wet soil after rain. The smell is so strong that a tiny bit goes real long.

This reminiscing smell makes you feel happy dispelling all your sadness and worry. It can help you create a romantic environment set for the dazzling rain.

It does various hormone and chemical reaction in your mind and body. It is good for treating impotence, loss of libido, disinterest in sex, erectile dysfunctions, frigidity, and sexual anxiety, stimulates the sexual hormones, estrogen, and testosterone in both men and women.

The strong smell of patchouli essential oil is sealed in Healing Solution’s bottle.

3. Cardamombest aphrodisiac essential oil to boost romance

This a household spice in South Asia. The spice is really great for meals and desserts. It has been the part of traditional medicine. The oils scent is very favorable sweet, spicy and almost balsamic. It is very calming.

As you use the oil its smell makes your nervous system relaxed, relieving mental fatigue and strain. It arousing effects helps to cure sexual weakness, erectile dysfunction, impotence, loss of libido and frigidity.

Keep a bottle of Healing Solution Cardamom Essential Oil.

4. Cedarwood

Cedarwood has an earthy, woodsy and slightly sweet scent. The smell has warm and gentle action on the body. It gives a relief from spasm. It is great sedative.

The oil also has an impact on hormone function and stimulates menstruation and regulates the circle. It will give you a great relief from all kinds of physical and mental pain.

Check out NOW Cedarwood Oil.

5. Sandalwood

Sandalwood has been greatly used in skincare field. It has fantastic abilities. The aroma is balsamic woody. But it also has fantastic aphrodisiac properties. Since the ancient times, it has been known for its meditative relaxing properties.

It calms your nerves and muscles instantly and makes your mood elevated. For a nice tension free romantic night a single drop of sandalwood essential oil is more than enough. The oil is pretty expensive too so one drop. But however, that single drop is far more than what you expect. Mix it in the bath, oil, lotion etc.

Sun Organic Sandalwood Oil has the precious endangered essential oil in the purest form. Use scarcely.

6. Ylang Ylangbest aphrodisiac essential oil to boost romance

It is a flower of a tall tropical tree. The flower looks exotically romantic itself. So is it’s smell. It has the excellent calming ability. Slows down a racing heart, decreases blood pressure, boost moods and relaxes you.

Ylang ylang essential oil is a great aphrodisiac in these ways, but also it is great when you have broken up. It will heal your broken heart and will help you to move on. In both ways, it will keep your emotion balanced, hyper-arousal or upset heart.

As you are more stable in your mind and body your experience and emotions are deeper and profound. It helps with Tachycardia (rapid heartbeat) and Hyperpnea (fast, shallow breathing). With all the tension of anxiety, anger, worry or fear push aside you will be making some good loving memories with your S.O. (Significant Other)

Money is worth it with Healing Solution Ylang Ylang Essential Oil.

7. Neroli

Neroli has a very charming and miscellaneous smell. It is extracted from orange blossom. The smell is somewhat a mixture of sweet, honeyed and metallic with green and spicy boost. The aroma is uplifting.

Dispels anger or anxiety and boosts confidence. It is so soothing that is used in panic attack treatment. Inhalation helps in menopausal symptoms, increase sexual desire, lower stress and reduces blood pressure especially in postmenopausal women. It will also promote arousal and increase libido, cure loss of interest, frigidity, impotence and erectile dysfunction.

Give a try to Artizen Neroli Essential Oil.

8. Rosewoodbest aphrodisiac essential oil to boost romance

Just like its name it has a part of floral smell and part of the slightly woody smell. Fantastic combination. It is analgesic, antidepressant, antiseptic, aphrodisiac, antibacterial, cephalic, deodorant, insecticide, and a stimulating substance.

Rosewood is an ultimate mood lifter. It installs the feeling of confidence and self-esteem. It will cut through your dark gloomy depression and bring out the shiny elevating rays of positivity. It will give hope and optimism. Give a boost to your sexuality. It helps with your libido or frigidity.

Healing Solution Rosewood Essential Oil is the best.

9. Clary Sage

Clary sage has euphoria promoting abilities. Its smell deeply relaxes your senses.it has creativity boosting properties too and makes your more focused. Having clary sage in the room will surely bring out more possibilities for you.

It also helps in hormonal balance. It relieves symptoms of PMS, eases menstrual cramps and alleviates menopausal symptoms.

Get yourself Healing Solution Clary Sage Essential Oil.

10. Jasmine

Jasmine essential oil has an aroma that has the flavor of masculinity. That is why the smell suits both men and women. A little goes a long way. The smell is very calming. It works on emotion.

It is regarded as a fine natural remedy for stress, anxiety, depression, fatigue, menstrual cramps, and menopause. It improves mood, helps with stress and balances hormones. The oil will build a sense of higher confidence, optimism, and euphoria.

NOW Jasmine Fragrance will not let you down.

11. Geraniumbest aphrodisiac essential oil to boost romance

Geranium is often used as the replacement of rose essential oil. It is very similar to rose but can be peppery, lemony green too.

Geranium can balance emotion and regulate your blood flow. The balancing effect on hormones increases circulation by enlarging capillaries, thus you feel more relaxed and awake.

Healing Solution Geranium Egypt Essential Oil is the real one.

12. Lavender

Lavender has a versatile aroma. It is more like camphor than concentrating on its floral side. It is fresh, lean and calm and a bit of floral. It has been used in several products for its smell for years.

The oil will soothe you and calm all of your muscles. It relaxes your mind and body and sets the mood for passion and engagement.

You will fall in love with Radha Beauty Lavender Essential Oil.

13. Cinnamon

The smell is spicy and warm. Perfect for males. The spice is really great. It can be a bit irritating to the skin that is why it is used for plumping lips making it look voluptuous sexy.

The well keeps heart healthy. Poor circulation of blood is also negative for libido. Cinnamon oil can work as a natural drug for erectile dysfunction.

Healing Solution Cassia Cinnamon Essential Oil is the most reviewed one.

14. Vetiver

Vetiver smell is related to earth. It has hints of lemongrass, balsam or wood as if the new soil has been tilled. Suits men pretty well. Vetiver oil is used in treating ADHD for it has amazing abilities of calming mind and makes you fall asleep.

A calm and well-rested mind and body have properly regulated body function including libido. It lifts up stress and anxiety making your body relaxed. It is also good for raising testosterone level in the mind and has light estrogen effect. It strengthens the female reproductive system and balances hormones. The oil can aid in menstrual problems like fatigue, bloating, skin issues, sudden emotional change, breast tenderness and cramps. This sedative greatly benefits people of both sexes.

Healing Solutions Vetiver Essential Oil is our choice.

15. Amyris

The smell has a woody note in it, like conifer needle and a hint of citrus with sweet warm vanilla. The scent lasts a long time.

Amyris oil also increases creativity in individuals. Artists, poets, musician favor thus oil. It balances the natural cycles and rhythms. It will calm and nourish the heart chakra. Gives you restful sleep at night so that your mind and body is fit dispelling all fear and anxiety.

Try this amazing Grandma’s Home Amyris Essential Oils.

Else than the listed, you can try Rose Otto, Hawaiian Sandalwood, Schisandra Fruit, Agarwood, Damiana, etc.

The most important thing is to have a healthy heart and body. All these essential oils listed above helps in that. They not only work for the moment and make you interested but keep on working to keep you healthy thus you are always fit and active.

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