10 Best Benzoyl Peroxide Face Washes

Updated: September 26, 2019
benzoyl peroxide face wash

Washing face is a routine for everybody once or twice a day with a cleanser. Nobody thinks more than this. But, a face wash can do many things for your skin, not just cleanses your face. It can heal your skin infections, like acne, blemishes, etc.

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So, keeping the face wash as per your skin condition is better. You can use benzoyl peroxide face wash if you have acne because benzoyl peroxide is a fast and effective treatment for acne prone skin. It can treat big red pimples, whiteheads, blackheads, and all kinds of acne infections. Benzoyl peroxide face wash not only cleanses the skin but also kills the acne causing bacteria by detoxifying the pores. Thus, you can be released from this problem.

Anyway, it is not easy to find out the best face washes made with benzoyl peroxide. So, I made it easy for you. I analyzed lots of face washes and just found out 10 best ones rich in benzoyl peroxide. See them below:

  1. Humane Benzoyl Peroxide 10% Acne Face Washbenzoyl peroxide face wash

It is an acne treatment face and body wash. It kills the acne causing bacteria fast and also prevents the breakouts. Its maximum strength is 10% Benzoyl Peroxide that you should not use if your skin is sensitive. It is the highest safety rating of EWG. It is not tested on the animals and it has no parabens and fragrances. It can be used for face, body, and back. And it is made in the USA.

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  1. Replenix Benzoyl Peroxide Acne Face Washbenzoyl peroxide face wash

It is a refining and fundamental facial wash for acne treatment that improves the skin clarity and tone. It keeps the skin clear and eliminates the acne prone skin’s problems. It is made with a 5% benzoyl peroxide concentration. This formula refines the skin and makes the pores free from acne causing bacteria. Use it daily to wash your face and you can see that your skin’s texture is improving.

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  1. PanOxyl 4% Benzoyl Peroxide Acne Cream Face Washbenzoyl peroxide face wash

It is a #1 BPO wash formula prescribed by the dermatologist. It is made with 4% Benzoyl Peroxide for the deep acne treatment. It reduces the skin irritation. You can use it for sensitive skin. It increases the acne bacteria killing rate. Wet the spots, apply the cleanser and massage the areas for one to two minutes. Rinse the skin and pat it dry. Use just one time daily in the first stage. Then increase 2-3 times a day as per your doctor.

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  1. Topix Benzoyl Peroxide 10% Face Washbenzoyl peroxide face wash

It is a face and skin cleanser made with 10% benzoyl peroxide and usable for pimple treatment. A customer said about it that she bought it for her daughter. This is the second time she got it for her family. It is a little bit dry but moisturizes the skin after cleansing it. She also said that her daughter is also pleased with this face wash. It helped her lot to deal with her acne.

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  1. Neutrogena 10% Benzoyl Peroxide Acne Cleanserbenzoyl peroxide face wash

It is a clinically proven acne treatment face wash. It can reduce the stubborn acne and redness in just one day of use. It unlocks the clearer skin texture if you use it continuously. It is made with 10% benzoyl peroxide and other pimple-curing ingredients. And with regular use, it will remove the appearance of blemishes. Wet your face, massage the skin with it and pat the skin dry.

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  1. Clean & Clear 5% Benzoyl Peroxide Exfoliating Cleanserbenzoyl peroxide face wash

It is an exfoliating facial cleanser made with 5% Benzoyl Peroxide acne treating medicine. It exfoliates the skin, treats the pimples, and prevents the breakouts in future. You can use it for oily, normal and combination skin. It contains micro-beads to cleanse the dirt that clogs the pores. It contains some acne fighting powerful ingredients. It also sloughs away the dead skin cells and makes the skin clean.

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  1. Benzac 2.6% Benzoyl Peroxide Acne Eliminating Cleanserbenzoyl peroxide face wash

It penetrates into the deep of the pores and cleanses the acne blemishes. It also prevents the breakouts from future forming. It gets rid of the excess oil from the skin. Excess oil is mainly liable to cause acne on the face. Wet the face, apply it, massage the skin for 1-2 minutes and then rinse off the skin thoroughly and pat the skin dry. Use sunscreen before going outside after using this product.

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  1. Acnefree Oil Free Acne Face Cleanserbenzoyl peroxide face wash

It is made with advanced micro Benzoyl Peroxide to make your face acne free. It is effective and safe enough to use daily. One customer said that she was searching a face wash that could cure acne prone skin. She is lucky that she got it. It treats her blemishes but does not dry or irritate her skin. This is now her second favorite skin care product.

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  1. Song 10% Benzoyl Peroxide Medical Acne Face Washbenzoyl peroxide face wash

It is acne treating face wash and also perfect for body and back. It does not contain any irritating formula. It is made with 10% Micro-Benzoyl Peroxide. It is not tested on the animals. It has no parabens. It is a dermatologist recommended acne face wash and made in the USA. You can use it for face and body. It refreshes the facial skin and cures the acne fast. It is usable for teenagers too.

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  1. Harris Benzoyl Peroxide Topical Wash 5%benzoyl peroxide face wash

It is a face wash for treating acne. It kills the acne causing bacteria by making the skin peel and dry. You can treat mild to moderate acne with this cleanser. You can use it with your regular skin care regimen. Use it two times a day if your skin is oily and use just once if your skin is dry. It removes the extra oil from the face skin and thus prevents the formation of pimples.

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These are the best benzoyl peroxide face washes for acne or pimples. Hope, now you can treat your zits perfectly and get a clean face. Choose yours one from the list and let me know how you felt after using the cleanser.

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