4 Main Benefits of Clay in Cosmetics

Last Updated: June 21, 2019
Benefits of Clay in Cosmetics

An average woman wears makeup every day and applies about ten different products to her skin. That means your skin absorbs around 130 chemicals each day.

Many women never look at the label to check for the ingredients but the fact is that no one knows exactly how a certain chemical affects your skin over time. There are proofs that chemicals like parabens and phthalates are bad for your skin, but there’s still a lot of confusion about commercial skincare products.

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That’s why; natural-based cosmetics are being popular these days. People are turning to homemade masks and scrubs, relying on fresh, natural ingredients. All-natural, organic skincare products are finding their way to a consumer’s beauty arsenal.

Furthermore, cosmetic companies are also following the trend, thus flooding the market with beauty products based on various, somewhat unusual, yet nourishing and natural ingredients.

Therefore, you can now find a skin product with algae extract, donkey milk, or various seed oils, but one ingredient, in particular, is getting more and more attention. Yes, today we are talking about clay and its benefits for your skin.

1. A Natural DetoxBenefits of Clay in Cosmetics

For centuries, clay has been used to purify the skin due to its ability to absorb excess oil, dirt and harmful toxins from the skin. This is especially true for the type of clay called bentonite, a combination of montmorillonite and volcanic ash. Bentonite is highly absorbent but it’s considered to be mild clay which can be used for baths, and body and face masks. The fact that it draws out oils and toxins from your skin makes it suitable for oily skin. Simply mix it with water to get detoxifying paste for your skin.

Other types of clay are good for detox, as well. Yellow clay, for example, is widely used for body wraps because it’s rich in minerals such as copper, zinc, and potassium. It’s particularly good for women who deal with acne – it’s like a detox for your pores.

Green clay or Montmorillonite, on the other hand, is the most absorbent type of clay and it’s miraculous for absorbing impurities. So, if you’re fighting acne, pimples, and black spots, green clay should be your best ally. In addition, if your skin is too oily, applying a green clay mask daily can help regulate your skin’s sebum production.

2. A Healing Treatment

Skincare products with clay are beneficial to your skin as high mineral content of clay will rejuvenate your skin by healing and regenerating skin tissue. Besides fighting bacteria and infections, clay can also reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Thanks to its physical composition that includes minerals such as potassium, magnesium, calcium, sodium, iron, etc. It can even help your skin recover after extreme conditions, like excessive exposure to the sun and harsh coldness.

If you want a real healing treatment, skin care experts suggest mixing bentonite clay powder with baking soda, water and an anti-infection herb such as thyme or calendula to improve its anti-inflammatory properties and maximize the effect it has on your skin.

It’s also good for healing scars, especially those that remain from having acne. As we already mentioned, bentonite cleanses your pores and removes toxins, thus letting your skin heal by itself.

It can be applied to stretch marks as well, not to mention the positive effects it can have in reducing redness. You won’t have to worry about constantly flushed cheeks with bentonite clay masks!

3. A Proper ScrubBenefits of Clay in Cosmetics

Due to its muddy feel, clay is perfect for facials and scrubs. Now you can find these kinds of scrubs in commercial stores, but what’s even better – you can make one yourself and purify your skin at your own home. Clay scrubs are good at removing dead skin cells and unclogging pores thus letting your skin breathe and get its natural glow. With a powerful cleanser like this, it gets easier for all of the other products to get to your skin and do their magic. Some good quality clay skin care products you can buy from Amazon:

Being mild and low absorbent clay, kaolin or white clay is the best choice for cleaning all types of skin. It gently cleanses and smoothes your skin but it’s the least absorbent type of clay. That doesn’t mean that it’s not as good at detoxifying as other types of clay.

On the contrary, a high silica level makes it very effective for detox, but it’s so mild it can be used instead of a baby powder. That’s why; it does wonders for sensitive, irritated, dry, and aged skin. It does not strip your skin of oils and it improves circulation, so there’s literally nothing to lose.

Red and pink clay are also good for this concern. They get their colors from the amount of iron oxide they contain. The absorbency level is medium but they do wonders for your blood circulation and reduce skin irritations. If your skin is sensitive, opt for pink clay since it’s the mixture of different types of clay created to be mild. It also brings balanced levels of iron oxide, silica, and mineral salts to your skin.

4. A Cure for Your Complexion

Over time, your skin can get damaged by many factors. Sun exposure, discolorations, and acne breakouts can have serious consequences and leave your skin with various marks, resulting in an uneven skin tone and nasty discolorations.

Clay treatments, especially those containing bentonite clay, can help you with that problem. It won’t get you back your baby skin, but it can improve your skin’s texture and tone.

Thanks to this, your skin will look radiant and you’ll look younger. This is possible because clay is so effective at removing dead skin cells off your face. Once you exfoliate deeply with a clay mask, your complexion will get a revitalized and healthy appearance.

Skin care experts suggest mixing clay with a little bit of apple cider vinegar to form a thick paste. You can add a teaspoon of coffee grounds for extra exfoliating power and then simply massage your face with it in a circular motion, rinse with lukewarm water, – your complexion is ready to shine!

As you can see, clay is pretty beneficial for your skin and the best thing about it is that you no longer have to go to a spa to use it. Homemade or industrial clay-based products – it’s all up to you. Either way, your skin will get that smooth feel and healthy glow in no time.

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