Amazon Halloween Costumes 2017: Men, Women and Kids

Last Updated: December 28, 2017
Amazon Halloween Costumes 2017

Keep up your heels and rattle the bones ‘cause here comes the ‘Boo Day’. Happy Halloween folks!!!

Get in the alley with your little bat, black cat and witch’s hat and have a spectacular night!!! We give you the best witches for the day.

The day of trick-or-treats, apple bobbing, fancy costumes and loads of candies. This is the day when the whole family comes together, invites the neighbors and engages themselves in various fun activities. This is the day of the year when we can see the whole neighborhoods playing and having fun together.Amazon Halloween Costumes 2017

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Kids playing various short of fun games in the backyard, parents dressing them up in different characters of stories, movies and so on, whatever they feel like (this year the most famous costume pick is Wonder Woman) and they also dressing up and go to work (not all but it is fun). The kids go to doors to doors of neighbors and the sweet neighbors gift them with candies and other sweet treats.

Houses are decorated, pumpkins are carved, jack-o-lantern lights up, spooky stories are told and the witches fly! With their brooms.

The history of Halloween’s origin is as fascinating as the costumes and games. We can date it back 2000 years ago in the Celtic region now Ireland, the United Kingdoms, and northern France. The Celts used to celebrate New Year on 1st November back then. You can take the logic that it was the end of the harvesting season summer, autumn and rain and comes the cold bare season of winter.

The time was dark with long nights and frozen nature (spooky already) imagine your city without lights, TV, WiFi, Netflix or iPhones, in fact, no electricity at all. Now, if it is winter where the days are small and gloomy with snow falling making everything seem dead and lifeless and nights are way too long in fact you can’t figure out if it is night or day without a watch.

Amazon Halloween Costumes 2017Minus the snow, the picture is almost the same everywhere on earth when winter comes. Baren. That time of the year is a colorless time. Now back in ancient time, it was worse with misconception, prejudice, superstitions and beliefs of a ghost, vampires, the devil and all sorts of pagan things. That time was really scary. Scary enough to make people piss in their pants.

People made that time scary with their overthinking. At that time they developed this ritual. Back then it wasn’t fun-filled and enjoyable as it is now. It was a must for the peace of mind. They performed various acts just to be safe from something unearthly, unnatural and fearful.

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They used to believe that around this time of the year before the New Year, the barrier between life and death realm is weak and blurred and the death could come back among the living from the afterlife. So, they used to celebrate Samhain (say Sow In) to keep the….. um…..ghost away from them.

They also believed that these not-good- spiritual things were to harm the living beings by destroying their crops, their house, hurt them and even kill them as there were many deaths at that time of year (in winter without proper warm clothes, proper fire and food people are bound to die). So, they used to keep food at their doorsteps, wine, fruits, cake, and sweets to keep ‘them’ from entering inside.

It was like “Here, take these and leave us alone” and they also used to pray for the deceased. Their dead relatives and ancestors mostly. As for going out, they used to dress up to look one of ‘them’ and that is where the costume thing came in the ritual “Hey! I’m one of you mate”. They also thought as the air is filled with other world spirits druids or Celtic priests could predict the future with their help. So, it was a great deal for them, a hope of light in the darkest of times.

During this celebration, they used to wear costumes made out of animal’s heads and skins and read your future. Druids used to build huge scared bonfire where all the people would gather and burn crops and animals as sacrifice to the deities of Celtic belief. And they will light up their hearth fires from the sacred bonfire in hopes of keeping them protected from anything not sacred. They kept the fires off from the evening and engaged them in the rituals.Amazon Halloween Costumes 2017

Following the time when Romans invaded the lands of Celtic, their rituals of ‘Feralia’ and another custom of honoring Pomona, the goddess of fruits and trees, also entered and got mixed with their practice. Later around 609 A. D. Pope Boniface IV dedicated 13th May in honor of Christian martyrs later which was extended by Pope Gregory III with adding all the saints as well and moved the observing day to November 1. With passing time by 9th century Christianity gained fame among the Celtics. 2nd November become all souls day to respect the deaths thanks to the Christian churches which was also celebrated as the same style of the Samhain, the bonfires, parades, costumes and all.

They used to dress up as saints, angels or devils. Many believe it was an attempt to make people forget the Celtic festival of dark and dead and replace it with something related to church and Christianity. These days later got mingle and came to known as All-hallows or All-hallowmas (from Middle English Alholowmesse). They mean All Saint’s Day. And the night before it which is basically the night of Samhain become known as All-Hallows Eve which with the time became Halloween (people have the tendency to make things short from a very long time).

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So, that’s how over a time of 2000 years and lots of addition and changes we now have the day of Halloween. It is not like that of the past and every year it is changing. That is how life is always changing, cascading and moving forward like an alive river.

Today’s Halloween is all about having fun. And it is not only limited to Celtic region or Europe it has become more than that, a source of vast enjoyment and business around the world.

From Us to Asia the Christians all over celebrate this festival and people from other religion also join in. After all, we all are friends and neighbors. Different customs are followed at different places of the world. But, the jest is almost the same. Treats and prays. And people come together. People of every race and family come together just to enjoy. They stay together so that they could ward off the evil spirit.

Million dollars of businesses, products, and transactions are now related to Halloween festival around the World and maybe it has been the most gorgeous in the USA. That’s why; the Amazon also takes various deals around the shopping before Halloween. You can get your any kind of expected, dreamy and favorite costumes from Amazon according to your favorite characters.

Now when witches, warlords, Frankenstein cannot afraid us then why the mere fear of some stupid terrorist divide us. We, humans, are far better than anyone, far stronger than a terrorist (and yes they are not humans) so let us stand together in this festive season and spread the word of love and celebration. Happy festivities everyone! Have a frightfully good time this Halloween.


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