Amazon Black Friday Deals 2017: Great Discount From The Giant

Last Updated: December 28, 2017
Amazon Black Friday Deals 2017

Happy Festivities!! Season Greetings To Everyone!!!

Here comes the best time of the year. From different Puja’s to Halloween to Thanks Giving to Christmas to New Year. It is the time for celebration and fun and enjoyments and foods and gifts and dance and people you love and care.

It is the ending of 2017! (Wow we do so much just to end a year) And also the beginning of 2018! (Too much hustle there too but we just love it).

As the festival is coming everyone loves to decorate homes and buy new things. There is really no bad in there. Why would there be? Why do you work so hard? Just to eat and die one day? Then my friend that’s not living. Living comes when you know to enjoy your time and the struggles while breathing and also learn to celebrate the breathing.Amazon Black Friday Deals 2017

But, you should always get the best deal. You don’t shop for yourself but you shop for everyone and when everyone comes in the view you should always keep your pocket in check. At times of these needs comes the Black Friday! Bringing you fantastic deals one after another.

When Is The Black Friday This Year?

This year it is on 24th of November! Not very far, eh? It is always performed on the fourth or last Friday on the awakening month of November. After the holy, revering and grateful day of Thanks Giving, the Black Friday is inaugurated. After the happy and delicious dinner with family, it is shopping time!!!

What Is Black Friday?

Now Black Friday is basically a normal Friday. Nothing big historical event took place, no war or nature do a dance show on the day.

But, Black Friday, especially in the western world, marks the day of the beginning of shopping for the festivals, Christmas, New Year and so on. It is the following day after Thanks Giving which is basically on the fourth Thursday of November.

Amazon Black Friday Deals Countdown

It has been performed since 1952 as the beginning of Christmas shopping. It was started way back in U.S. and now is celebrated by Canada, U.K., Mexico, Romania, India, France, Australia, Norway and so on.

There are more than dozens of countries following this tradition now and every year its popularity is increasing. And why not will it be?!

What Is So Damn Special About This Day?

What is so special about black Friday you know? How it helps your pocket? Not because it marks festivities but it is the day when brands, malls, retailers and other businesses give discounts! Huge discounts! 20%! 50%! 70%! 80%! Off! Off!

The numbers are really humble that makes people of every way of living effort things that they cannot normally. From toys to fry pan. From branded shoes to exotic handbags. Haute Couture and runway attire. Lip balm to lip gloss. Rice noodle to rice face pack.

Everything of need and desire is on the sale. The displays of the mall and the pages of the website are brimming with products with deals and offers. In many provinces and cities around the world the day Black Friday is a national holiday as well.

How These Terms Originated?

There are reports of harm and fatal accidents on the Black Friday in front of various stores and malls. People go crazy over the offers and they are bound to. The offers are insane so the safe and less tough way is to shop online on that day.

The term black didn’t come for the mishaps that have occurred in fact these incidents are relevantly new and uncommon. But, it has come for showing the profit in sales.

Though black is mainly used while referring something ominous or something gloomy and dark here black is actually good. All through the year especially from January to November retailer’s financial reports stay under red line meaning they operate while remaining in the loss but when this Friday hits the calendar their reports start getting black pen meaning profit.

So, black here is indeed a good thing. It means profit and money to them. That’s why; they can offer so much discount. This day is also recorded as the highest sales rate and crowd in malls in various times and places since its introduction and beyond. So, sellers get customers and they are able to sale things keeping a marginal profit and despite it, they make enough profit for the whole year! (Power of unity)

How Did This Day Come To Exist?

This day actually came without any preplanning but because of various simultaneous incidents. As Thanksgiving is a holiday and Saturday and Sunday is also weekends. Many workers used to call in for sick leave on Thursday so that they can enjoy a four-day vacation.

So, basically, the shopping and holidays start from then. Then again there was a tradition among the retailers and shop owners. The Santa Claus Parade. It was basically thanksgiving parade but some also included a Santa at the last of it as an indication of Santa coming. And these parades were mainly sponsored by departmental stores to advertise.

Following this tradition, it was an invisible ritual that no store or owners will do any advertisement for Christmas before this parade. So, logically unwillingly and unplanned this day become the shopping season opener. It was a slow but strong process that black Friday came to light.

Amazon Black Friday Deals 2017: The Best Place To Shop On

Amazon has been there for more than two decades making our life a little easier by bringing all our needs and necessities at our very hand. They have also helped to dream your desire in the most magnificent ways. They have the best deals that a shop can provide. And it is throughout the year. But, it is when the time of joy and smile comes, they bring out the greatest ones out of their gift bag. The all save Black Friday becomes mega save when it is done with Amazon.

Amazon has interesting and fantastic ways to bring products to you. That comes with a high discount even on the latest product out in stock. But, you gotta be quick on the finger as the deals get sold out very fast. And some deals are to be done within a fixed time. You have to get there before the clock ticks out. And if you are a Prime Member then you will have Early Access deals to have a head start.

Amazon Black Friday Deals 2017

And like any other year, Amazon is here again with a pocket full of sunshine for you to shop from. The deals of the mighty Amazon:

1: Electronic You May Like To Have

2: Toys For Your Little Ones In The Family!

3: Amazon Deals Of The Day!!! (Favorite)

4: Amazon Black Friday Beauty Deals

July Black Friday! (Amazon Prime Day)

Now there is another black Friday called “Black Friday in July” introduced by They call it “Prime Day” and promise for better deals than on Black Friday in November. Other companies have started to follow this trend is resulting the day become as good as or better than November. So, lucky for you, there are two days with bags full of discounts and best deals!! Yay!!!!!!!!!

Black Friday Of Others

Amazon is not the only one who celebrates Black Friday like a festival. There are also other sites where you can get great deals and offers on your favorite products.

Cyber Monday

This is relatively a new term. It was introduced on 28th November of 2008, marking as the 12th biggest shopping day. It is usually the first Monday after thanks Giving Thursday when employees come back to work in the vicinity of the internet. It is when they end up buying their desired product online.

The deals offered on this day are only and generally offered by smaller retailers that are unable to compete with the big companies. It is the main online basis and an international marketing term used by online retailers across the world.

This past couple of years fashion products like attire and shoes are coming out more and more. But, that is not what you can only get. Cyber Monday offers much more. And it is increasing every year.

Tips To Slay Down Amazon Black Friday Best Deals

Now it is true that they are like this fairy godmother with a wand in hand (it is actually the mouse in your hand) that can make you a charming attractive royal (reference Disney) from an ugly outdated frog but hey, buddy it is you who will secure the best of the deals and save your pocket. So,

Set Up A Budget: Have a set budget. Don’t cross it!!! (Okay maybe a bit but not more than 100 bank notes). You need to eat too.

Research: Study. Research. If you have something on the mind from beforehand then do a search on it. Surf a couple of sites, compare their deals, make your budget, and all the necessities.

Be Sure How You Pay: Make sure how you want to pay. Have the money ready putting yourself in debt will never help. It is also a good idea to pay from a credit card as it gives protection but beware of your limit and credit debts.

Be Sure About Product Warranty: Find out about the warranty and guarantee. In case you need to change it, be quick on it and point out well why you wanna change the stuff.

Buy Necessary Products: Make sure you want it or not. But, useless stuff just out of a whim is not a smart move.

Happy Holidays. Happy Shopping mates.


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