8 Hour Lipstick

10 High Quality 8 Hour Lipstick

Last Updated: April 27, 2017

If you are looking for the best 8 hour lipstick, your are in right place. We collected 10 mostly used 8 hour lipstick that works amazingly to beautify your lips without fading.

It is really much embarrassing when lipstick stains on your tea or coffee cups, kissing clothes, or your beloved person. The innovative new generation lipsticks promise you no more lipstick stained on your clothes, coffee cups or, through kissing, eating, drinking, even showering. The beauty editor Andrea Pomerantz at Glamour Magazine has been working with long lasting lipsticks for a long time. She says it is really a revolution and dream fulfillment for women. Today, we will show you top 10 8 hour lipstick.

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10 Best 8 Hour Lipstick

Many lipsticks promise that they serve your lips for a longer time. But, the fact is it is very hard to find out the real longer lasting lipsticks. Anyway, only for you, we searched here 10 best 8 hour lipstick based on customer rating and reviews.

1. docooler Lipsticks Glossy Fashion

The docooler is made with vitamins, Aloe Vera, and moisturizers. These elements made this lipstick as a high shine item. It keeps the lips soft, smooth, moisturized and gives healthy skin. It comes with 12 long lasting and different color lipsticks. You will enjoy beautiful lips over 8 hours. at amazon.com.

8 Hour Lipstick

 2. SHANY Slick & Shine Lipstick

SHANY Slick & Shine Lipstick is integrated with popular fashionable matte lipstick colors. Aloe Vera and vitamins are used to formulate this lipstick. It is the recent best-selling lipstick in the USA and also made in the USA and not tested on Animals. This lipstick is a proud member of PETA. Beyond 8 hours color goes on your lips. at amazon.com.

8 Hour Lipstick

 3. Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick Pink Blush

Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick is designed with comfortable, smooth and soft formula. So, enjoy cool, mild and moisturized lips. It also gives you up to 8 hours color validation. This lipstick comes with 50% more color sensitiveness for more impressive lips. at amazon.com.

8 Hour Lipstick

 4. CoverGirl Outlast All Day Two Step Lipcolor, Natural Blush

You can go to the gym, eat salad, and take a shower, still you will feel the color of this lipstick. CoverGirl Outlast Lipstick also saves your lips from outer damaging and gives you more shining gloss. 8 hours color lasting is the main sensation for exploring your lip beauties for more time. amazon.com.

8 Hour Lipstick

5. LORAC Lip Luxe 8 Hour Lip Color

LORAC Lip Luxe 8 Hour Lip Color Lipstick is developed with vitamin E & C, grape seeds, pomegranate, and anti-aging antioxidants of acai berry. It is paraben free and formulated with velvety-soft color formula. These highly rich ingredients give your lips 8 hour longer lasting luxurious matte color, healthy looking and fuller pout. amazon.com.


8 Hour Lipstick

6. Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Lip Protectant SPF 15, Berry

It is a highly formulated lipstick for longer lasting service. You can enjoy soft, smooth and moisturized lips after applying it. No more cracked or chapped tone on your lips. It has also SPF 15 cue to protect your lips from harmful sun exposure. at amazon.com.

8 hour lipstick

7. Rimmel London Lasting Finish Lipstick, Plum

This lipstick gives you 25% more color impact. You will feel more comfortable after using it as it offers you glossy creamy texture. It intensifies your lips with beautiful tone for 8 hours. at amazon.com.

8 Hour Lipstick

8. Wet n Wild MegaLast Lip Color, Red

It is a perfect long lasting lipstick for chapped or cracked lips. Enjoy a beautiful matte color on your lips. Normally, you will get 8 hours lip color within eating, showering, kissing and gym. Still, your lips look gorgeous. at amazon.com.

8 Hour Lipstick


9. Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Lip Protectant Stick Sheer Tint SPF 15, Blush

It is a good  8 hour lipstick for them who don’t want frequently to apply lipstick. It makes your lips exceptionally beautiful and keeps the lips soft, smooth and healthy. Eating, kissing and showering are not tension to boost out your lip color. This brand lipstick is really a good solution for lips for a longer time. at amazon.com.

8 Hour Lipstick

 10. Max Factor Colour Collection Lipstick, English Rose

The developer of this lipstick offers you a guarantee of 10 hours. No more it is a problem for you to pass a longer time just one touch of your favorite lipstick and also enjoy amused time with great impressive and splendid color. at amazon.com.

8 Hour Lipstick

Now, it is pretty time to put a mask on your lips for a longer lasting exploration of your lip beauty. If you like the above 10 best 8 hour lipstick, don’t forget to share it with others.

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