What to Use If Lips Are Dark

Last Updated: March 2, 2017
What to Use If Lips Are Dark

Your skin is fair, but lips have been dark for some bad habits, like smoking, taking lots of caffeine (coffee or tea), moving huge time in the UVA/UVB rays etc. Or you could not take care of your lips properly. Warm wind also causes dark lips if you cannot protect your lips from warm weather, like winter.

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The dark skin people usually have dark lips. They rarely get bright or pink lips. In this case, you have also options to get bright lips by reducing the amount of pigmentation of your lips.

It is easy to get back pink lips for the white-skin girls if they become a little bit careful to their lips.

Anyway guys, what you should use if your lips have turned dark or you have dark lips in nature.

What to Use If Lips Are Dark

You may get a great number of cosmetics or products in the shop or online markets to lighten the black lips. Actually, in the modern time of style & fashion, it is not a hard task to cover the skin with a beautiful foundation that can make your skin gorgeous and charming too.

But, in this article, I will emphasize on the use of home remedies if your lips are dark, brown, black or discolored. Home remedies are effective and safe to the skin.

Well, let me show you some

Natural Ingredients for Dark Lips:

1. Lemon Juice

I think, very few natural remedies are as powerful as lemon juice to lighten the skin. You know, lemon is used to produce various detergent powders because it has a great bleaching feature that removes the dirt of the clothing. In the same way, it is active enough to bleach the upper layer of the skin that is often covered with dirt, impurities, dry skin, dead skin or flaky skin (so lips look dark).

Just rub your lips with lemon juice for 2 minutes. Do it once or twice a day. Continue it and enjoy a better result.

2. Cucumber Slice

Cucumber is a very common item to the girls for their skin or beauty care. Mostly they use its raw material on the face. Cucumber helps to reduce the discoloration of the skin, especially under the eyes. It reduces the puffiness and soothes the eyes. (Read my article “how to remove dark circles under the eyes”. It will help you to obtain beautiful skin around the eyes.)

Just abrade a slice of cucumber on your lips for a few minutes, once or twice a day. It gradually gives you lighter lips, also hydrates the lip skin that looks really tender and young.

3. Rose Petals

If you want the rose or pinkish lips, nothing will be as workable as the rose petals. It not only covers your lips with a rosy tint but also hydrates, soothes and moisturizes your lips. Read this article- “how to get pink lips with rose petals”. Hope, it will be much helpful to remove dark lips.

4. Sugar and Honey Scrub

Use a good exfoliator to scrub your lips once or twice a week. Scrubbing takes away all the impurities, such as dead cells, dry skin, dirt and chapped tone. So, lips look clean and even.

Mix some sugar and honey to prepare natural scrub. Then massage your lips softly with it for 2 minutes. Or you can use “Cake Batter Lip Scrubbie by Diva Stuff”. It is reviewed by many customers as a good lip exfoliator.

5. Glycerin/Vaseline/Petroleum Jelly

Often we notice that our lips turn dry. Dryness leaves, dead or flaky skin on the lips. For that, lips look black and untidy. Normally it is not easy to get rid of the dry skin that attached to the skin strongly. If you stick it out with the fingers, sometimes it will be slightly bleeding.

A better way, apply some glycerin or petroleum evenly on the lips at every night before sleeping. At morning, you can easily remove it with fingers rubbing. “Vaseline 100% Pure Petroleum Jelly”- you can try it.

Besides the above ingredients, you can also use the following home remedies:

  • Almond Oil
  • Beetroot Slice
  • Raspberry
  • Olive Oil
  • Pure Honey
  • Pomegranate
  • Potatoes
  • Castor Oil

12 home remedies for dark lips”- you can read this article. It featured a complete list of natural ingredients.

These are actually home remedies that you can use if your lips are dark. Furthermore, you should close some renowned products in your hands that are worthy of exactly for dark pigmented lips. See below a list of such

Products for Dark Lips:

Okay, guys, that’s all today. Just follow the above guides, hope your lips will be beautiful, pretty, rosy, and natural pink.

What change you have noticed, let me know. Have a nice feeling on your lips with a bright color and sensation.