How to Lighten Dark Lips Fast and Easily

The mixture of brown sugar, milk, honey, mint leaves, rose petals, and lemon juice is more effective to lighten dark lips. Just you need to know the sequence of applying these ingredients.

Last Updated: February 13, 2017
how to lighten dark lips

How to lighten dark lips fast is a common question from the girls who have turned their lips dark or discolored.

And, today I will show you how to lighten those dark lips using some home remedies.

You can also lighten your lips using lip care creams, balms or products. If you use lipsticks, you can get instant red or pinkish lips. You can convert your lips into any color with lipstick. But, your lips don’t look natural. Naturally beautiful lips are more splendid than the makeup.

There are some efficient home remedies that can lighten your dark lips fast. You also feel the natural tone on your lips after applying them.

Suppose, you have a birthday party of your close friend. You want to lighten your lips fast. Of course, you have many good cosmetics to cover your lips with your favorable lip color. But, today you don’t wish to make your lips artificial. You want something natural that can give your lips a touch of nature with bright and reddish color.

If you want that, no matter just look at my tips on how to lighten dark lips fast with natural ways or remedies.

How to Lighten Dark Lips Fast – 3 Easy Steps

Just look around your home and you will find some home remedies that you can use to make your lips pink. You need the following natural ingredients:

  1. Sugar (buy brown sugar from to lighten dark lips
  2. Honey (buy it from to lighten black lips
  3. Mint Leavesmint leaves to lighten dark lips
  4. A Lemonlemon to lighten black lips
  5. Some Rose Petalsrose petals to lighten dark lips
  6. Milkmilk to lighten dark lips

These home remedies are very potential to lighten your dark lips fast. Now, let’s see the steps how you can brighten your black lips rapidly.

1. Exfoliate Your Lips

how to lighten dark lips fast
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Exfoliation removes dry, chapped or dead skin or cells or other impurities from your lips. For that, your lips look clean and plain. Take some sugar and honey. Mix them well. Rub your lips softly with this mixer with your fingertips for 3 minutes. Then polish your lips with a soft facial tissue.

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2. Brighten Your Lips

how to lighten dark lips fast
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Lemon and mint leaves are rich with some amazing bleaching agents that remove the black shades or patches from the lips. Smash mint leaves and mix some lemon juice with it. Apply this mixture onto your lips. Rub your lips gently for 5 minutes with a soft facial tissue. Then sweep the lips with another new tissue.

3. Give Natural Tone on the Lips

how to lighten dark lips fast
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Now time to cover your lips with some natural tints. Rose petals and milk will now do it. Rose petals also give rosy shades on the upper level of the lip skin. Milk hydrates and keeps the lips soft and supple for a few hours.

First, mash up the rose petals. Pour a few drops of milk onto the rose petals. Give 2 minutes to absorb milk into the mashed rose petals.  Apply this mixture onto your lips. Rub your lips with a soft facial tissue softly for 5 minutes. Then sweep your lips with another fresh tissue.

All are finished. Go in front of the mirror and see your bright natural pinkish lips. Now time to go to the party and impress your friends with your beauty.

You are also welcome to share your tips about how you lighten your dark lips fast. It will help other girls to make their lips bright. I also appreciate your practices.

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