How to Exfoliate Lips with 10 Homemade Lip Scrubs

Exfoliation removes the dead skin cells and evens out the lip tone. So, lips look fresh, smooth, and reddish. You can either use homemade lip scrubs or readymade ones. But, homemade lip scrubs are more effective and natural. I will show you some homemade scrubs and how to exfoliate dry lips with them.

Last Updated: January 14, 2017
how to exfoliate lips with homemade lip scrubs

Lip exfoliation is a good way to remove the impurities, such as flaky, dead, chapped or dry skin cells from the lips. Exfoliation minimizes the dark spots on your lips. You will get plain and soft lips after exfoliating them. You can exfoliate your lips in a variety number of ways. Homemade scrubs exfoliate the lips naturally while exfoliation products are also effective. You can try both of them.

But,  today I will show you how to exfoliate lips naturally with some effective homemade lip scrubs.

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Benefits of Lip Exfoliation

Especially, if your lips are dry, chapped, dark or flaky, you should exfoliate your lips to vanish them. The benefits you will get after exfoliating the lips are:

  • Exfoliation evens out the lip texture.
  • Lip discoloration, including darkness, blackness, dark spots or melanin pigmentation become faded by regular exfoliation.
  • Lips come out with a healthy, beautiful and natural look.
  • Exfoliation eradicates dry, scaly, dead or cracked skin cells over the lips.
  • You can enjoy a bright and even lip after exfoliation.
  • Home remedies, like olive oil, coconut oil or honey moisturizes the dry lips.

How to Exfoliate Lips Naturally with Homemade Scrubs

Natural remedies are the best to exfoliate your dry lips because they have no harmful ingredients, like chemicals, toxins, or any other artificial components. Home remedies scrub the lips in the right ways to abate the dead skin cells on the lips. Your lips become fresh, plump, and soft like baby lips. Now let’s see how to exfoliate lips with homemade scrubs:

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1. Exfoliate Lips with Olive Oil and SugarHow to Exfoliate Lips

Sugar is one of the most efficient and natural exfoliators to scrub your lips at home. Take some sugar and a few blobs of olive oil in a small bowl. Continue to mix until you get a solid paste. Massage your lips with this exfoliator with a clean washcloth or fingertips in the circular motions. Remember, massaging should be soft. Avoid doing it more than 2 minutes. Wash your lips off with hygienic water. Now, the upper skin of your lips is open, clean and more sensitive. Your lips need a touch of hydration. Put a good lip balm on your lips to make them pulpy and hydrated.

2. Exfoliate Lips with Petroleum Jelly and Tooth BrushHow to Exfoliate Lips

This method of exfoliation of the lips is an effective way to remove all the unnecessary burdens from the upper layer of the lips. Take an old straight bristle soft toothbrush. Leave a dose of Vaseline Petroleum Jelly on the lips. Rub your lips with the toothbrush in the circular motions not more than 2 minutes. Rinse off your lips with lukewarm water. No more dull skin cells on the lips. Just leave a bit of petroleum jelly on the lips to moisturize and hydrate your lips.

3. Exfoliate Lips with Baking Soda and Tooth BrushHow to Exfoliate Lips

You can also exfoliate your lips with baking soda. It is an ideal home remedy to remove the impurities or dead skin cells from your lips, so lips look sharp and clean. Take some baking soda on the palm. Pour several drops of water and mix them together. Put the mixer on the toothbrush and scrub your lips with the brush for 2 minutes. A washcloth can be also used to rub the lips. Cleanse your lips off with warm water. Don’t forget to put your favorite lip balm because these scrubs do not moisturize or hydrate your lips. (Buy baking soda at

4. Exfoliate Lips with Honey and SugarHow to Exfoliate Lips

I personally use this scrubbing method to eliminate the dead skin cells from my lips. Take some sugar and several drops of honey in a small bowl. Mix them together. Scrub your dry or black lips with this exfoliator in the circular motions with your fingertips for 3 minutes. Clean up your lips with fresh water. Or you can leave some pure honey on your lips over the night so that your lips can be hydrated and soft by eating up the honey. Doing this exfoliation daily at night will lighten your lips. Read it also to know details of how to use honey for chapped lips.

5. Exfoliate Lips with Sugar and Coconut OilHow to Exfoliate Lips

Coconut oil is a nice natural stuff to hydrate the dry lips. It moisturizes the lips. Mix some sugar with a few doses of coconut oil in a small bowl. Pat your dark or dry lips with this scrubbing element for 3 or 4 minutes with the fingertips or an old straight bristle soft toothbrush. Clean up your lips with hygienic water. Be sure you have used a good balm on your lips to moisturize or hydrate your lips.

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6. Exfoliate Lips with Jojoba Oil and Brown SugarHow to Exfoliate Lips

My sister, Cynthia loves to exfoliate her lips with brown sugar in lieu of white sugar because the taste and flavor of brown sugar she likes more. Mix some vitamin E or Jojoba oil together. Scrub your dry lips with this exfoliator for some minutes, not more than 4 minutes. Cleanse your lips with clean water. Then apply your dearly lip balm. It exfoliates all the dirt from your lips. (Buy brown sugar from

7. Exfoliate Lips with Rose Water and GlycerinHow to Exfoliate Lips

This combination of exfoliation for the lips is the secret beauty tip for the celebrities. You can take the taste of this scrubbing technique. Rose water sets on a pink tint over your lips along with soothing them. Mix rose water and glycerin together. Pat your lips with these remedies with the fingertips for 3 minutes. Wash your lips with fresh water. Leaving this mixer onto the lips throughout the night makes the lips more beautiful and plump.

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8. Exfoliate Lips with a Washclothhow to exfoliate lips

You can use a clean wet washcloth to scrub your dry lips. First, make the lips wet and then rub them with the washcloth gently to slough off the dull skin cells. Sometimes, I personally do it during taking a shower. It works nicely for me. Especially, the dry cells of the upper lips get away soon.

9. Exfoliate Lips with Lemon Juicehow to exfoliate lips

Lemon juice is a wonderful bleacher for lips. It not only exfoliates the lips but also lightens the lip color. But, be careful don’t exfoliate your lips with lemon juice if they are much more chapped or dry; otherwise, it may sting your lips. Cut a lemon half. Rub one piece onto your lips gently. You can spread some salt on the lemon slice. Do it for 2 minutes. Then cleanse your lips off with a washcloth and finally put some pure honey on the lips for 10 minutes. It will hydrate and nourish the lips.

10. Exfoliate Lips with Coconut Oil and Coffee Groundshow to exfoliate lips

You can easily prepare a homemade lip scrub with leftover coffee grounds and coconut oil. The oil dissolves the impurities and moisturizes the lips. And the coffee grounds exfoliate the dry dead skin cells. Mix some coffee grounds with some coconut oil and then use a toothbrush to exfoliate the lips in a circular motion. (Buy coffee grounds at

Some Extra Tips to Get Smooth Supple Lips

  • After exfoliating, be confirm to make your lips soft or moisturized.
  • Don’t lick your lips. If you tend to lick your lips, apply chapstick or balm.
  • As a moisturizer, use chapstick, petroleum jelly or balm.
  • If cinnamon causes irritation, like scaling or itching, you should stop using it.
  • Scrub the lips softly because a hard massaging can create sores or flaky skin on the lips.
  • Rub the lips 1-2 minutes softly.
  • Don’t scrub your lips more than two times a week.
  • Avoid to exfoliate your lips if they are severely chapped or dry.

Now you can be able to exfoliate your lips perfectly. I always exfoliate my lips with the scrub of honey and sugar because it suits me much. If you think, to prepare scrubs at home is a disturbance, you can use lip exfoliation products, like Jaowying Beauty, Beauty For Real LIP REVIVAL, and Cake Batter Lip Scrubbie. These are good quality lip scrubs. Products will save your time. In choosing exfoliators, emphasis on the natural ingredients.

If you like my tips on how to exfoliate lips naturally with homemade scrubs, share your opinion and feelings. You can also share your tips by comments. It will help others to pick up the best ways.

Have a beautiful pout.

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  1. Hi Paoli, great article. I just want to ask, can the exfoliator be mixed and kept to be used anytime or it must be freshly mixed each time I want to use it?

  2. My lips are dark due to smoking,but i quitted smoking 3 months before. Now tell me the procedure for pinkish lips.

    • Hi Kumar,
      Wait for more few months. You will gradually get back your natural lip look. Besides, you can rub your lips with some honey and lemon juice. Mix them and rub your lips gently two times a day. It will remove the dark stains of the smoking from your lips.


  3. I have started using sugar and coconut oil scrub but i use tongue cleaner which is behind the toothbrush instead of the bristles for scrubbing. 🙂

  4. Hi Paoli,

    I am Saydur from Bangladesh, i do smoke and for that reason my lips are dark, now if i use rose water and glycerin and keep it whole night then is it workable ? Please confirm and thanks a lot for your nice tips.


    • Hi Saydur,
      Better will be if you rub your lips with honey and lemon juice once a day. Rub the lips for one minute. Lemon juice bleaches the dark patches well.

      And you must quit smoking. If you don’t quit smoking, nothing can lighten your dark lips.


  5. Thank you! I have some honey that has been in my cupboard for quite awhile… does honey go bad? Do you think I could use this honey that I have because I’d like to start this exfoliation right away. I like your site – will definitely follow you! 🙂

  6. Hi iam using toothbrush to remove drakness on my lips … how manys days to take … lighting my lips and i stop smoking last 5 year… so help me

    • Hi Teju,
      Are your lips are dark from birth or naturally? If your lips are dark naturally, then you cannot lighten your lip color. If your lips are dark due to smoking, then you can lighten your lips.

      Better way to rub your lips with some lemon juice and honey. Rub your lips with this mixture for one minute daily once. It will help to remove the dark stain from the lips due to smoking.