godiva lip lightening cream review

Godiva Lip Lightening Cream Review

It contains Licorice Extract that will fade away the dark tone on the lips and nipples, and turn them soft, rosy, and nourished.

Last Updated: November 25, 2016

Godiva Lip Lightening Cream works as a lip whitener, a lip balm, and a lip gloss at a time. It can remove the dark stain from the lips left by the smoking. It can soften and soothe the lips burned by the wind and sun. It also moisturizes the lips from the dry air.

Within two weeks, you will notice a different look on your lips. Godiva Lip Lightening Cream is a great product for the smokers to lighten their lips. It makes the lips like baby soft and pinkish.

Godiva Lip Lightening Cream can be also used for nipples or areolas. It can lighten the nipples and make them soft.

It comes in a small tube that fits in your purse, pocket or on your desk. And apply when needed. Godiva Lico White smooths out the parched dry lips within seconds.

godiva lip lightening cream reviewMade with Licorice Extract: Godiva Lip Lightening Cream is infused with Licorice Extract in Petroleum base.

It is a plant based, safe, effective, and natural ingredient to lighten the dark lips and nipples.

Lightens and Moisturizes the Lips and Nipples: This Godiva Lico White Lip Gloss contains both skin lightening and moisturizing agents (beeswax). These ingredients make the lips naturally alluring, smooth, and pinkish.

After breastfeeding or pregnancy, this cream will help to lighten the nipples.

About Godiva Lip Lightening Cream

  • Safe for nipples
  • Effective for dark lips
  • Gives naturally pinkish tone
  • Refreshing peppermint flavor
  • Moisturizes with beeswax
  • Removes darkness with licorice extract
  • Excellent for the smokers
  • Petrolatum base

How to Use

Apply on the lips and nipples with the fingertips when you need to lighten and moisturize your lips. Better lips you will get if you cleanse off the places before applying the cream.


You don’t need to another basic lip balm, lipstick or lip gloss if you apply Godiva Lip Lightening Cream because it will add a rosy tint to your lips, soften the lips, and also make them glossy.

You can use it either in winter or summer to protect cold winter and warm summer. It is usable both for lips and nipples.


The price of Godiva Lip Lightening Cream is a little bit more. The cream in the tube may be greasy or oily for different weather. It may stain your purse. Except these, this cream has no side effects.

Our Rating

The above benefits of Godiva Lip Lightening Cream are claimed by the company and we depicted the description as per them. But, we haven’t found any trusted user reviews that can indicate the perfect usability of this cream.

So, we gave it 2.5 out of 5 stars.

At the end, it depends on you whether you use Godiva Lip Lightening Cream or not as we could not show you any positive user reviews. User reviews mainly tell why you should use this cream.

But, the company says it is a fantastic cream to lighten and moisturize the lips and nipples. And you will get better lips and nipples just after 2 weeks of use.

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