AFY Lip Cream- Lighten and Moisturize Your Lips

AFY Lip, Nipple, Private Part Bleaching Fresh up Pinkish Cream. The cream is infused with Cherry Blossom Extract that lightens the lips.

Last Updated: March 2, 2017
AFY lip cream for nipples, armpits, vaginal, private part whitening

AFY Lip Cream is formulated with the essence of Sakura Extract that contains vitamin A, B & E. These properties remove and protect the melanin pigments of your lips, nipples, vaginal areas or other private parts. The AFY lip cream is not irritative, or harsh to the sensitive skin, like lips or vaginal. It bleaches, whitens, and pinks up intimately the private skin, and refreshes them.

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AFY is mainly a lip pinkish cream. In addition to, your lips will be moisturized, soft, tender and vibrant.

AFY lip cream lightens dark lips, nipples or private skin

AFY Lip Cream Contains Sakura Essence/Cherry Blossom

Sakura extract has been used to whiten skin from time immemorial. It is more popular and used in China, Japan, and Korea. Sakura substance is characterized by mild, repairing and smooth skin sensation.

It does not stimulate the skin, rather Sakura inhibits the production of melanin pigments, and breaks downs the already built up darkness, dark spots, wrinkles, fine lines or sun spots. With the touch of Cherry Blossom, your skin will be alive and young.

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Other Natural Extracts in AFY LIP CREAM

Rose Essence: It has skin nourishing, whitening and skin anti-aging properties.

Geranium: It promotes the blood flow and keeps the oil balanced in your skin.

Lavender Essence: It is skin repairing, anti-acne, and promotes sleep & relaxation.

How to Use AFY Lip Cream

You can apply it twice a day, morning and evening. Massage it on your lips, nipples or other intimate skin where you want to whiten. Massage until the cream’s essence is sucked in the skin. It will be more effective if you cleanse the areas first. Let the skin 15 minutes to absorb the AFY completely.

Then you can dress up. The cream does not attach to the clothing. If you notice any irritation, redness or other problems, don’t use it.

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Where to UseAFY Lip Private Part Nipple Bleaching Whitening Fresh Up Pinkish Cream

The AFY Lip Cream is a versatile lightener usable for lips, nipples, vaginal lines, areolas, armpits, and other skin that you want to bleach.

See what one customer said about AFY Lip Cream, “Works like a charm best product ever!!! And super-fast!!!”

If you have not yet used any product of AFY, you should use it’s lip cream. AFY all products are created with the nature’s most active plant extract or essence that they collect carefully not to destroy the effectiveness of nature. Then they combine the natural essences with their safe bio-engineering technology to produce the cream for human beings.

Use AFY Lip Cream to whiten, lighten, or bleach your private skin. This cream pinks up and moistens your lips that you have not seen before.

Let me know your experience after using the AFY Lip Cream.

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